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Olga Russakovsky

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Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Stanford University, 2015
olgarus  (@cs.princeton.edu) (609) 258-8118 408 Computer Science

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Short Bio

Dr. Olga Russakovsky is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Princeton University. Her research is in computer vision, closely integrated with machine learning and human-computer interaction. She completed her PhD at Stanford University and her postdoctoral fellowship at Carnegie Mellon University. She was awarded the PAMI Everingham Prize in 2016 as one of the leaders of the ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge, the MIT Technology Review's 35-under-35 Innovator award in 2017 and was named one of Foreign Policy Magazine's 100 Leading Global Thinkers in 2015.  In addition to her research, she co-founded and continues to serve as a board member of the AI4ALL foundation dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in AI. She co-founded the Stanford AI4ALL camp teaching AI to high school girls (formerly "SAILORS") and the Princeton AI4ALL camp teaching AI to URM high school students.

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