COS-561 Syllabus


This schedule and syllabus is preliminary and subject to change. Please read the paper(s) listed in the "Reading" column, and prepare to discuss the paper(s) for each class (excluding the "How to Read" paper).

Date Topics Readings Notes
Thu 09/13 Course overview
HowToRead05, ARPAdesign88 Join the Piazza site! Optionally read InternetHistory
End Hosts (congestion control in TCP)
Tue 09/18 End hosts
TCPIP74 Optionally read e2eArgument84
Thu 09/20 Distributed, fair sharing of bandwidth
TCP88 Optionally read TCPMeasure99
Tue 09/25 Congestion control in data centers
DataCenterTCP10 Optionally read Snap10
Thu 09/27 Congestion control over multiple paths
MultiPathTCP11 Optionally read MultiPathTCP12, Assignment 1 due Monday October 1
Data Plane (programmability with SDN)
Tue 10/02 Data plane
Click00 Optionally read RoadToSDN13
Thu 10/04 PRECISION18 and Sonata18
OpenFlow08, P414 Optionally read Frenetic12
Tue 10/09 Programming abstractions
Sonata18 Optionally read UnivMon16
Thu 10/11 Network control
Onix10 Optionally read Hula16
Control Plane (interdomain routing with BGP)
Tue 10/16 BGP stability
BGPInstability98 Optionally read StablePathsProblem02 and BGPstability01
Thu 10/18 BGP routing policy
Propane16 Optionally read BGPpolicySurvey05, Assignment 2 due Friday October 19
Tue 10/23 BGP dynamics
BGPdamping02 Optionally read BGPskype07
Thu 10/25 BGP security
BGPpartialSec13 Optionally read BGPadopt14
Tue 10/30 Fall Break
Watch The Day the Routers Died
Thu 11/01 Fall Break
Read/watch My Favorite Net Things
Tue 11/06 Domain Name System (DNS)
DNS88 Optionally read King02
Thu 11/08 Content distribution
CoralCDN10 Optionally read MeasureCDN08, Project proposals due Friday November 9
Tue 11/13 Peer-to-peer
BitTyrant07 Optionally read BitTorrent03
Thu 11/15 Chord (Pamela Zave)
Chord03 Optionally read ChordModeling12, Assignment 3 due Friday November 16
Tue 11/20 Class cancelled
Thu 11/22 Thanksgiving Break
Gobble, gobble!
Network Architecture
Tue 11/27 Compositional network architecture
Thu 11/29 Mobility
Mobility13 Project video presentation due 5pm Monday December 3
Tue 12/04 Endpoint security
Security18 (section 1) Optionally read mbTLS17
Thu 12/06 Infrastructure security
Security18 (section 2) Optionally read Mayday03
Tue 12/11 Routing (Seattle, RON) and naming (AIP, NDN) architectures
Seattle08 Optionally read NamedDataNetworking18
Thu 12/13 Course wrap-up
JustWorks06 Optionally read Tussle05

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