COS-561 Syllabus


This schedule and syllabus is preliminary and subject to change.

Date Topics Readings Notes
Thu 09/16 Course Overview
HowToRead05 Join mailing list and GradNet10 Emulab project
Tue 09/21 Host
CerfKahn74, e2eArgument84 Optionally read InternetHistory
Thu 09/23 Control Plane
ARPAdesign88, e2eRoutingBehavior97 See open-source Quagga, XORP, and Bird
Tue 09/28 Service Provider Evolution (Joel Obstfeld from Juniper)
Thu 09/30 Data Plane
Click00, 50GbpsRouter98 See Click, OpenFlow, and NetFPGA
Tue 10/05 Enterprise Configuration
VLANsurvey10, Seattle08 Optionally read YankeeGroup04
Thu 10/07 BGP Configuration (Dr. Michael Schapira)
BGPconfigSurvey10, rcc05, BGPpolicySurvey05 Assignment 1 due 5pm Monday October 11 (submit here)
New Control Planes
Tue 10/12 Router Grafting (Eric Keller)
VROOM08, ShadowNet09 Start learning about NOX for Assignment 2
Thu 10/14 Optimization in Networking (Prof. Mung Chiang)
LayeringOptDecomp07 Start learning about Python (1, 2, 3, 4)
Tue 10/19 Central Control Plane
4D05, IRSCP06, OpenFlow08 Optionally read Onix10 (or watch video)
Traffic Engineering
Thu 10/21 Backbone Traffic Engineering
TEsurvey02, TeXCP05 Optionally read ArpaRouting89
Tue 10/26 Stub Traffic Engineering
OptMultihome04, Monet05
Thu 10/28 Data Center Traffic Engineering
Cloud survey (part1 and part2), VL2_09 Optionally read AboveClouds09
Tue 11/02 Fall Break
Watch The Day the Routers Died
Thu 11/04 Fall Break
Read/watch My Favorite Net Things
Tue 11/09 Network Access Control
FireMan06, Resonance Optionally read Ethane09 and TVA05
Thu 11/11 Interdomain Routing Security
BGPsecuritySurvey10, YouTubeOutage08 Assignment 2 due 5pm Friday November 12 (submit here)
Tue 11/16 Anomaly Detection
PCA04, Bro99 See Snort and DDoSmitigate10
Network Troubleshooting
Thu 11/18 Network Measurement
AutoFocus03, TrajectorySamping01 Optionally read MeasSurvey05 and BGPanomaly05
Tue 11/23 Network Diagnosis
NetPrints09, BinTomo09 Optionally read Tomography03
Thu 11/25 Thanksgiving Break
Gobble, gobble!
Tue 11/30 Data Center Diagnosis (Minlan Yu)
TRAT02, HTTP-TCP01 Optionally read NagleDelayedACK
Miscellanenous Management Challenges
Thu 12/02 Routing Convergence
IGPconverge05, BGPconverge00 Optionally read DynamicHarmful10
Tue 12/07 Energy Efficiency
RouterPower08, ElasticTree10 Optionally read ElectricBill09 and see GreenTouch
Thu 12/09 Online Services
Scaffold10 (Sections 1 and 2 only), MeasureIPTV08, watch PlugNServe09 Assignment 3 due 5pm Friday December 10 (submit here)
Tue 12/14 Programmable Networks
ActiveNet96, Impasse05 See GENI and optionally read JunosSDK09
Thu 12/16 Future Internet
Tussle05, JustWorks06 Optionally read CACMdebate10

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