COS-561, Fall 2010: Advanced Computer Networks

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COS 561 provides a research survey of network architecture---the definition and placement of the function across the end hosts, the network elements, and the people and systems that manage the network. The course covers both classic papers about the Internet architecture and recent research results. The 2010 offering of the course places particular emphasis on the challenges of network management, including better ways to manage today's networks and alternative network architectures that make network management easier in the first place. Topics include network configuration, traffic engineering, network troubleshooting, network security, and energy-efficient networks, across enterprise, data center, and backbone networks.

Prerequisite: COS 461 or equivalent, or permission of the instructor. For an overview of the material in COS 461, see the slides from previous offerings of the course. The first two weeks of COS 561 will provide a brief overview of the material from COS 461, with emphasis on the end host, the data plane, and the control plane---to set the stage for the remainder of the course.


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