Robert M. Dondero, Ph.D.

Research Interests

I am interested in software engineering, software engineering education, programming languages, and instructional design. I am particularly interested in developing software to support Princeton's computer science courses, especially the COS 217 and COS 333 courses.

During my time at Princeton University I advised these undergraduate research projects:

  • Who Wants to Be an A+ Student? Building a Review Game for Introduction to Programming Systems, Griffin Telljohann, Spring 2010
  • CritTer: Critique From the Terminal: Customizable Style Checking for C Programs, Erin Rosenbaum, Spring 2011
  • Multiplayer Tetris: Mobile Application for the Android Operating System, Mark Ha, Fall 2011
  • OpenMRS Metadata Sharing Server: Connecting Academia and HFOSS, Joseph Wilder, Fall 2011 and Spring 2012
  • Seeing Python: Developing a Graphics Module, Kunihiko Nagakura, Fall 2012
  • The Man And The Algorithm: Robert Dondero, His Course, And the Grammer of Explanation, Alan Paltrow, Fall 2012
  • An Automatic Tool for the Verification of Bach-Style Chorales, Charles Peyser, Fall 2012
  • ChoraleAnalyzer: Development of a Simple Implementation into an Effective Pedagogical and Musicological Tool, Charles Peyser, Spring 2013
  • Memory Aid: Reference Counting and Memory Bug Detection in C, Andrew Morrison, Spring 2013
  • Dynamaid: Informative Dynamic Memory Bug Detection in C, Andrew Morrison, Fall 2013 and Spring 2014
  • CritTer2: A New C Style Checking Tool, Alisa Kroutikova, Spring 2014
  • Real-Time Visual Pitch Analysis, Alan Zhou, Fall 2014
  • ReCal for iOS, Naphat Sanguansin, Fall 2014
  • ReCal Course Selection: A Course Planning Tool for Princeton Students, Dyland Xue, Fall 2014
  • Kisan Network (Hindi for "Farmer Network"), Aditya Agarwalla, Spring 2015
  • A Cross-Platform Programmer's Calculator, Brian Rosenfeld, Fall 2015
  • MyLight: The "One Stop Shop" for the Average Philanthropist, Rishi Kaneriya, Fall 2015
  • COS Lab TA Planner: Centralized Platform for COS Lab TAs to Manage Their Work Shifts and Notifications, Jonathan Yang, Spring 2017
  • Assemblance: A Visual Tool for Learning Assembly Language, Rob Whitaker, Spring 2017
  • Thrive, A Computer Aided Goal-Setting and Time Management System, Joshua Gardner, Spring 2019
  • TigerNest: Visitor Flow, Michelle Yuen, Spring 2019
  • TigerNest: Event Coordinator and Host Flows, Niranjan Shankar, Spring 2019
  • Princeton Course Planner: A New Way to Picking our Courses, Vinay Ramesh, Fall 2019
  • Princeton Course Planner: A Course Planning Application for Princeton Students on Mobile, Peter Mwesigwa, Fall 2019
  • Dance Designer, Janet Lee, Fall 2019 and Spring 2020
  • Exploring interactive design techniques to enhance software adaptation at Princeton, Peter Mwesigwa, Spring 2020
  • Data Sources for Advanced Programming Techniques, Vinay Ramesh, Spring 2020
  • AUX: The Social Music App, Van Brantley, Fall 2020
  • CH-ENG Reader: A Tool for Guided Chinese Reading through Parallel English Accompaniment, Suki Yip, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021

During my time at La Salle University I advised undergraduate research projects in robotics.