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PhD student Prakash Murali awarded 2020 IBM PhD Fellowship

Prakash Murali

Prakash Murali
Photo by David Kelly Crow

Computer Science PhD student Prakash Murali has been awarded the 2020 IBM PhD Fellowship

His advisor Professor Margaret Martonosi writes: “This is for his outstanding work on toolflows and architectural issues for quantum computing systems. In addition to an impressive set of outstanding papers in general, he’s also had a very successful long-term collaboration with IBM, including a stint there last summer that led to his recent ASPLOS paper.”

For 70 years IBM has recognized and rewarded outstanding PhD students around the world through a highly competitive PhD Fellowship Award program. The distinguished 2020 IBM PhD Fellowship Award recipients demonstrated expertise in pioneering research areas, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum computing, data science, security, hybrid cloud technology, and the next generation of cutting-edge processors.

The 2020 IBM PhD Fellowship Award Program received hundreds of applications from 140 universities in 31 countries. Applications were reviewed by eminent technologists from across IBM. The award recipients demonstrated academic excellence as well as provided innovative, exceptional research proposals.

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