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Kernighan Honored at Inaugural Computer Science Education Award Ceremony

(From left): Brian Kernighan (computer science professor and author, Princeton University); Jeff Toney (provost, Kean University); James Geller (computer science professor, associate dean of research, NJIT); and Pat Morreale (computer science department chair, Kean University) celebrate the contributions and commitment to teaching college-level computer science.  Photo curtesy of NJIT.

Brian Kernighan was honored for his “Outstanding Impact on the Profession of Computer Science Education" at the inaugural computer science education award ceremony held in conjunction with the third annual Computer Science Chairs Conference at Kean University as a joint venture with NJIT.  “I think it’s teachers who are improving the lives of people, and they should be awarded for that,” said James Geller, computer science professor and associate dean of research at NJIT’s Ying Wu College of Computing Sciences. 

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