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      D is for Digital: What a well-informed person should know about computers and communications is now available at CreateSpace, a division of Amazon. This book is based on COS 109, Computers in Our World. It explains how today's computing and communications world operates, from hardware through software to the Internet and the web. It includes enough detail that you can understand how these systems work, no matter what the reader's technical background. The social, political and legal issues that new technology creates are discussed as well, so one can understand the difficult issues we face and appreciate the tradeoffs that have to be made to resolve them. It's intended as a compact but detailed and thorough explanation of how computers and communications systems work, for non-technical readers who want to better understand the world they live in. It should be a useful source for technical readers who want something that will help their friends and family learn about digital systems. $14.95.
The Kindle edition is also available: $9.95. Readable on any device that supports Amazon's Kindle reader app.
A Japanese translation is also available (March 2013).
A Chinese translation is also available (July 2013).
      Hello, World! Opinion columns from The Daily Princetonian is now available as a Kindle book from Amazon.
Updated May 2013 with 9 new columns. $0.99.


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