Sun Aug 26 17:36:49 EDT 2018

Bell Labs pages from long ago

This page mirrors some of the information that used to be on my Bell Labs site. Much of it is very dusty indeed. Caveat downloader.

  • Awk is now hosted at Github.
  • An Efficient Heuristic Procedure for Partitioning Graphs (Bell System Technical Journal, February, 1970).
  • An Effective Heuristic Algorithm for the Travelling-Salesman Problem (OperationscResearch, March, 1973).
  • Why Pascal is Not My Favorite Programming Language (April, 1981).
  • WiSE - A Wireless System Engineering Tool, an application of computational geometry, optimization and visualization to wireless.
  • Experience with Tcl/Tk for Scientific and Engineering Visualization, programming issues in the wireless work above; a version appeared in the Tcl/Tk Workshop, Toronto, 1995.
  • Timing Trials, or, the Trials of Timing: Experiments with Scripting and User-Interface Languages, with Chris Van Wyk, describes experiments to see how fast various scripting and user interface languages, from Awk to Visual Basic, run on a spectrum of representative tasks.
  • An AWK to C++ Translator, describing an early experiment; published in the Usenix C++ conference in 1991 but hard to find.
  • Information about the AMPL modeling language for mathematical optimization. You can try AMPL on your own optimization problems or examples from the AMPL book; the second edition was published November 2002 and is now available for free download.
  • Examples from The AWK Programming Language by Aho, Kernighan, and Weinberger as text (120KB) or zipped (30KB).
  • The example code from The Unix Programming Environment by Kernighan and Pike: gzipped tar file; zip file.
  • Source for the hoc calculator from The Unix Programming Environment by Kernighan and Pike.
  • Software Tools programs
  • Software Tools in Pascal programs
  • Source for learn, the original Unix computer-aided instruction program. This works but is mostly of historical interest; it dates from 1979.
  • Algorithm animation (with Jon Bentley).