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Excellence in Teaching Awards given to six CS Professors, Teaching Faculty, and Teaching Assistants

The Undergraduate and Graduate Engineering Councils presented the Excellence in Teaching Awards for the School of Engineering and Applied Science on Thursday, February 20, 2020. Of the sixteen SEAS awardees, six were from Computer Science!

The Computer Science honorees are:
Spring 2018-19
Associate Professor Arvind Narayanan awarded for COS 226
Assistant Professor Matt Weinberg awarded for COS 445
Ross Teixeira awarded for COS 226

Fall 2019-20
Dr. Kevin Wayne awarded for COS 226
Dr. Ibrahim Albluwi awarded for COS 226
Dr. Jérémie Lumbroso awarded for COS 126

Winners of the 2020 Excellence in Teaching Awards.
Winners of the 2020 Excellence in Teaching Awards 
Photo by Frank Wojciechowski

For the full list of recipients, click here.


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