Arvind Narayanan — Princeton

I'm a professor of computer science at Princeton University, affiliated with the Center for Information Technology Policy.

I study the impact of digital technologies on society, especially threats to privacy.

Office: 308 Sherrerd

Press: please email before calling.

Twitter: @random_walker

Web privacy » see more

I lead Princeton's Web Transparency and Accountability Project. We use large-scale, automated web measurement to uncover how companies collect and use our personal information. Our open-source tool OpenWPM has enabled over 50 studies of web privacy.

Previously I helped develop the Do Not Track standard.

Fairness and ethics in computing » see more

I'm coauthoring a textbook on fairness and machine learning. Seven chapters are available. I coauthored a paper in Science showing how machine learning reflects racial, gender, and other cultural biases.

I'm working on a number of efforts to expose deceptive practices online, including so-called dark patterns.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchains » see more

I led the creation of an online course / textbook on cryptocurrencies which has been used in over 150 courses worldwide.

My team has built BlockSci for fast blockchain analysis. We also have several projects on cryptocurrency security, anonymity, and stability.

De-anonymization » see more

I've shown how sensitive information can be inferred from seemingly innocuous "anonymized" data, ranging from browsing histories to genomes. See this primer of the research and this policy piece on what it means for privacy.