COS-561 Syllabus


This schedule and syllabus is preliminary and subject to change. Please read the paper(s) listed in the "Reading" column, and submit a review for the first paper for each class (excluding the "How to Read" paper), using the COS561 HotCRP site. You do not need to write a review for the second paper, if any, under "Reading".

Date Topics Readings Notes
Thu 09/11 Course overview
HowToRead05 Join the Piazza site
Tue 09/16 End hosts
TCPIP74, e2eArgument84 Optionally read InternetHistory
Thu 09/18 Control plane
ARPAdesign88 (and the version with commentary) Assignment 0 due Friday September 19
Tue 09/23 Data plane
Click00, OpenFlow08
Thu 09/25 Measurement
RocketFuel02, TrafficMeasure05 (Sec 1-3)
Transport Protocols (TCP)
Tue 09/30 TCP congestion control
TCP88, TCPMeasure99
Thu 10/02 Modern congestion control
Cubic08 DataCenterTCP10
Tue 10/07 Multipath TCP
MultiPathTCP11 MultiPathTCP12
Thu 10/09 TCP Performance Monitoring
Snap10 Assignment 1 due Tuesday October 14
Routing protocols (BGP)
Tue 10/14 BGP instability
BGPInstability98 Optionally read StablePathsProblem02
Thu 10/16 BGP policies
StableBGP01 Project proposals due Friday October 17; optionally read BGPpolicySurvey05, BGPsurvey14, and ArtOfPeering
Tue 10/21 BGP security
BGPpartialSec13, BGPadopt14 Optionally read BGPsecurity10 and PGBGP08
Thu 10/23 BGP interactions
BGPdamping02 Optionally read BGPskype07
Tue 10/28 Fall Break
Watch The Day the Routers Died
Thu 10/30 Fall Break
Read/watch My Favorite Net Things
Names and Locations
Tue 11/04 Domain Name System (DNS)
DNS88 Optionally read King02
Thu 11/06 Times and places
IP2Geo01, NTP (chapters 1-5)
Tue 11/11 SDX and Statesman (guest lectures)
No required reading/reviewing Optionally read SDX and Statesman
Thu 11/13 Flat layer-two networks
NVP14, Seattle08 Assignment 3 due Friday November 14
Tue 11/18 Mobility
Thu 11/20 Distributed hash tables
Chord03, ChordModeling12
Tue 11/25 Peer-to-peer
Skype06, BitTyrant07 Optionally read BitTorrent03
Thu 11/27 Thanksgiving Break
Gobble, gobble!
Tue 12/02 Content distribution
CoralCDN10, MeasureCDN08
Thu 12/04 Video streaming
AdaptiveVideo14, Sprout13 Optionally read NetFlix12
Looking Forward
Tue 12/09 Future Internet
Tussle05, JustWorks06
Thu 12/11 Conclusion

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