Princeton University
Computer Science Department

Computer Science 495
Special Topics in CS: Medical Informatics 

C. William Hanson M.D.

Schedule and Readings

Spring 2002


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Medical Informatics: Computer Applications in Health Care and Biomedicine. 2nd edition.
eds. Shortliffe et al.


Supplementary texts:
Healthcare Information Systems. ed. Davidson. Auerbach Publications
Telemedicine: National Academy Press
Networking Health: National Academy Press
For the Record: National Academy Press
The Computer Based Patient Record: National Academy Press
Lecture schedule
Feb 5 -  Introduction to Medicine (PDF) (PPT) Chapter 2
Feb 7 -  History of Computing in Medicine (PDF) (PPT) Chapter 1
Feb 12 -  Networks in Health Systems (PDF) (PPT) Chapters 5,10
Feb 14 - Universal Medical Record Chapter 9
Feb 19 - Assignment #1 - Home Health Network on the display wall
Feb 21 - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act: 1996 (guest: Mark Weiner MD) (PDF) (PPT)
Feb 26 - Confidentiality, Privacy and Security (PDF) (PPT) Chapters 4,7
Feb 28 - Computers in Medical Education (PDF) (PPT) Chapter 17
March 5 - Computer Simulation in Medicine
March 7 - Medical Imaging (guest: Jonathan Cohen MD)
March 12 - Medical Informatics (guest: Edward Shortliffe MD)
March 14 - Midterm
March 19-21-  Spring Break
March 26 - Computers in Medical Education (continued)
March 28 - Internet Medicine (PDF) (PPT)
April 2 - Internet Medicine (continued)
April 4 -  PDA's in Medicine (guest: Vernon Huang MD) (PDF) (PPT)
April 9 - Medical Devices and Biosensors/Telerobotics (guest: Erica Thaler MD) (PDF) (PPT)
April 11 - Assignment #2 - CPR on the Display Wall
April 16 - Computers, Medicine and the Law (PDF) (PPT)
April 18 - Clinical Decision Support Systems over the Past Three Decades (guest: Randy Miller MD) (PDF) (PPT)
April 23 - Data Mining and Data Visualization
April 25 - Neurotech and Nanomedicine
April 30 - Home Health Networks
May 2 - Final Projects due

N.B. Schedule subject to revision