Princeton University
Computer Science Department

Computer Science 495
Special Topics in CS: Medical Informatics 

C. William Hanson M.D.


Spring 2002


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Instructions for Using the Display Wall

Course Grade: Wall assignments (10% each), Midterm (30%), Final Project (50%)

Assignment #1 - Home Health Network on the display wall (Due: Feb 19th):

    The assignment is to create a picture of what a home health interface or architecture might look like. There are no correct answers. The "palette" is the display wall (6000Hx3000V) pixels. Solutions may include pictures, devices, layouts, interfaces etc. The class on Tues will be used to review and discuss each of the images.


    The midterm will cover only the material presented in class prior to the exam. The schedule page has suggested readings from the text. The format of the exam will be a mix of standardized questions (multiple choice, brief essay). The exam will be held in class on the appointed day, and should take approximately one hour.

Assignment #2 - CPR screen shot

    This assignment is to create one "page" of your final project - i.e. mock up some component page of a computerized patient record. We will again use the display wall.

Final Project (functional web-based CPR)

    Teams of two will be permitted, as will solo efforts. Teams pairing CS and non-CS people are strongly encouraged so as to bring diversified expertise to the teams. Amal and I will meet with the teams for a design check during the week of April 9th and 11th. A modifiable database will be available by April 8 to begin your work with. The CPR specifications will include the following components:

  1. authorization/authentication layer (HIPAA compliant)
  2. patient list
  3. individual patient encounter data
  4. image display (pathology slides, xrays, mpgs)
  5. vital signs
  6. lab data
  7. show trending in some format
  8. history and physical
  9. decision support
  10. data input page (progress notes)
  11. plan page
  12. read/write functionality
  13. no more than 3 layers deep (below authentication layer)