COS 429 - Computer Vision

Fall 2017

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The optional textbook for the course is Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications by Richard Szeliski. There is a PDF version of the book available at In addition, we will be reading a few recent vision papers.


Date Lecture (click for notes) Readings Assignments
Thu, Sep 14 Introduction to computer vision Ch. 1.1  
Tue, Sep 19 Image formation and capture Ch. 2.2.3 – 2.3  
Thu, Sep 21 Convolution and filtering Ch. 3.2, 3.4, 4.2 Assignment 0 due
Tue, Sep 26 Feature detectors and descriptors Ch. 4, Trucco & Verri, Ch. 4.1 – 4.3;
SIFT paper
Thu, Sep 28 Fitting, Hough transforms, RANSAC    
Tue, Oct 3 Image alignment and stitching Ch. 6.1.1 – 6.1.4; Ch. 9 (optional);
Multires blending paper
Thu, Oct 5 Intro to recognition Ch. 14 Assignment 1 due
Tue, Oct 10 Classification Dalal & Triggs paper
Thu, Oct 12 Part-based models    
Tue, Oct 17 Object detection Deformable Parts Model (DPM) paper  
Thu, Oct 19 Texture Ch. 10.5; Efros & Leung paper;
Efros & Freeman paper; Image Quilting
Assignment 2 due
Tue, Oct 24 Segmentation Ch. 5.2 – 5.4; Martin et al. segmentation paper;
Shi and Malik normalized cuts paper
Thu, Oct 26 Midterm    
Tue, Oct 31 No class - fall break
Thu, Nov 2 No class - fall break
Tue, Nov 7 Motion, Optical Flow, Tracking I Ch. 8.4; Lucas-Kanade paper;
Ch. 8.1 – 8.3 (optional)
Thu, Nov 9 Tracking II    
Tue, Nov 14 Intro to 3D vision; stereo Ch. 11.1 – 11.4; Ch. 12 (optional)  
Thu, Nov 16 Camera geometry and calibration Ch. 11.6; Voxel coloring paper Assignment 3 no longer due
Sun, Nov 19 Assignment 3 due
Tue, Nov 21 Guest lecture on 3D scene understanding by Prof. Silvio Savarese (Stanford University) Ch. 2.1; Ch. 6.3 (optional)  
Thu, Nov 23 No class - Thanksgiving
Tue, Nov 28 Introduction to Deep Learning CNN Beginner's Guide  
Thu, Nov 30 Deep Learning II: Layer types and training  
Tue, Dec 5 Deep Learning III: Initialization, Architectures, Applications    
Thu, Dec 7 Deep Learning IV: Object Detection and Segmentation   Assignment 4 due
Tue, Dec 12 Deep Learning V: Segmentation  
Thu, Dec 14 Guest lecture on activity understanding by Prof. Greg Mori (Simon Fraser University)  
Fri, Dec 15   Project milestone due
TBA Final project presentations    
Tue, Jan 16     Project report due

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