COS-561 Syllabus


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Date Topics Readings Notes
Part 1: Introduction
Thu 09/13 Course Overview
How to Read  
Tue 09/18 Class cancelled
Thu 09/20 Host (Naming and Addressing)
Packet Switching, E2E Argument  
Tue 09/25 Control Plane (Routing)
Design Philosophy, E2E Routing Behavior  
Thu 09/27 Data Plane (Forwarding)
Click, 50Gbs Router  
Part 2: Enterprise, Intra- and Inter-AS Network Management
Tue 10/02 Enterprise Management
Thu 10/04 Interdomain Routing (Wyatt Lloyd)
VLANSurvey, Ethane  
Tue 10/09 No class, but work on forming groups
Thu 10/11 Traffic Engineering
Monet, Entact Brief History of Internet (Opt)
Part 3: Datacenter Networking
Tue 10/16 Scale-out Topologies and Scalable Ethernet
Portland, VL2, NetLord Fat Tree survey - Read pages 29--33 (through end of Topology section)
Thu 10/18 Extreme Topologies
DCell, CamCube, Jellyfish  
Tue 10/23 Datacenter Load Balancing and TE
LocalFlow, 3DBeams, Optical/Electric Students reading optics paper must also read Sections 1-3 of cThrough. LocalFlow paper available through HotCRP interface. Optional - All wireless datacenter available here.
Thu 10/25 Software-defined Networking
FlowVisor, Frenetic, Onix  
Tue 10/30 Fall recess
Thu 11/01 Fall recess
Part 4: Network Resource Allocation and Sharing (in Datacenters)
Tue 11/06 Performance Isolation and Fairness
Oktopus, FairCloud Distributed Rate Limiting, Buffer Sizing (Both Optional)
Thu 11/08 Transport Fairness and Congestion Control
TCP Incast, TCP Outcast, Data Center TCP  
Tue 11/13 Multi-path and tackling latency
MP-TCP, HULL, DeTail  
Part 5: Services and Content
Thu 11/15 Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
CDN Hashing, CoralCDN Experiences  
Tue 11/20 Peer-to-peer
Vivaldi, SplitStream, BitTyrant  
Thu 11/22 Thanksgiving
Tue 11/27 Project Presentations
Long class from 1:30--4:30pm
Thu 11/29 New Internet Architectures (Erik Nordstrom)
Serval, CCN, XIA  
Part 6: Security
Tue 12/04 IP and Naming Security (Ari Rabkin)
DNS Transitive Trust, DNS Hold-on, Perspectives Students either read both DNS papers (each 6 pages) or the Perspectives paper
Thu 12/06 Routing Security
AIP, Secure BGP, Nation State Routing  
Tue 12/11 Unwanted Traffic - DoS and Spam
SIFF, SNARE, Click Trajectories  
Thu 12/13 Anonymity and Privacy
Tor,, Freenet  

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