Zhiyuan Li


Zhiyuan Li (李志远)

Ph.D Student

Computer Science Department

Princeton University

Email: zhiyuanli [at] cs [.] princeton [.] edu

About me

I'm a fifth year Ph.D candidate in the Department of Computer Science at Princeton University (2017-Present). I'm very fortunate to be advised by Prof. Sanjeev Arora. My research focuses on machine learning theory, especially deep learning.
In Summer 2021, I interned at Google Research, New York and worked with Sashank J. Reddi on Memory Efficient Optimization for language models.
Previously, I did my undergraduate study at Yao Class(2013-2017), Tsinghua University.

Publications and Manuscripts

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Conference Papers




Reviewers for JMLR, Machine Learning, Neurips, COLT, ALT, AISTATS, ICML, ICLR