MISE - Intro to Programming

Summer 2023

In this course we will introduce students to the world of computer science through Python programming. For 9 weeks students can expect to learn the necessary skills to write basic programs in Python, with several examples and applications, including some simple algorithms and data science.

Another important skill we will teach is how to learn and grow your knowledge of programming (and computer science at large) on your own. For young learners a good fraction of the new concepts and skills you acquire is self-taught, but knowing how to do so effectively is a skill that we want to highlight.


Instructors: Pedro Paredes, Timothy Chu


Classes are held every Saturday from 4pm to 6pm Ghana time. If you can't attend class the slides from the class as well as a video recording of the class (available only to enrolled students) will be provided.

Date Topic Notes
4/29 Intro to Programming Slides
5/06 Functions and Conditionals Slides
5/13 Loops Slides
5/20 Nested Loops and Lists Part I Slides
5/27 Lists Part II Slides
6/03 Recursion Slides (Guest Instructor: Viknesh Krishnan)
6/10 Data Structures and Performance Slides (Guest Instructor: Isabelle Quaye)
6/17 Object Oriented Programming Slides
6/24 Intro to Data Science Slides

Homework and Project

Homeworks are assigned after each class and are due the Friday before the next class.