I'm Pedro Paredes from Princeton University

I'm a Teaching Professor at Princeton University in the Department of Computer Science.

Before joining Princeton, I completed my PhD in Computer Science in 2022 at Carnegie Mellon University, where I was very lucky to be advised by Ryan O'Donnell. Prior to that, I graduated from University of Porto in 2017 with a Bachelor's and a Master's degree, where I was also lucky to be advised by Pedro Ribeiro.

My primary research interest is in Theoretical Computer Science. In particular I am interested in:
Spectral Graph Theory, Pseudorandomness, Coding Theory, Combinatorics, Quantum Information Theory.


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For a full list of publications check out my Google Scholar or DBLP.

Surveys and Theses

  • P. Paredes. On the Expansion of Graphs.
    PhD Thesis | PDF
  • P. Ribeiro, P. Paredes, M. E.P. Silva, D. Aparicio, F. Silva.
    A Survey on Subgraph Counting: Concepts, Algorithms and Applications to Network Motifs and Graphlets.
    ACM Computing Surveys '21 | PDF



Before Princeton


  • Undergraduate Research Advisor | Amir Touil
  • Undergraduate Research Advisor | Ijay Narang

Before Princeton

  • Undergraduate Mentor | Jeremy Brennan | CMU 07-400 : Research Practicum in Computer Science


Competitive programming

I run the competitive programming club at Princeton

Modern Coding Theory and Expanders Reading Group

Fernando Granha Jeronimo and I co-organized a coding theory and expanders reading group jointly at Princeton and the IAS.

About me

Computer Science and Math outreach

I am an instructor for MISE. Here is an example of an Introduction to Programming I taught in the Summer of 2023. I was an instructor and co-organizer of the Pan-African Math Circle.

Competitive programming

I'm the head of the scientific committee of the Portuguese National Olympiad or ONI (link in Portuguese).

Here are some problems I authored that I like:

  • Italian Data Centers | ICPC SWERC 2023 | link
  • European Trip | ICPC SWERC 2022 | link
  • Springboards | USACO 2020 January Contest, Gold | link
  • Topografia dos Onimalaias | ONI'2019 Final Round | link (in Portuguese)
  • Chegar ao outro lado | ONI'2017 Final Round | link (in Portuguese)