Linguang Zhang

Ph.D. student in Computer Science
Princeton University

Address: 35 Olden St, Princeton, NJ 08540
Email: linguang [at] princeton (dot) edu

About Me

I am a third year Ph.D. candidate at Princeton University and a member of Princeton Graphics Group. I received my B.Eng in Computer Engineering from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, where I was supervised by Professor Chi-Keung Tang. I am a citizen of Shenzhen. I play fingerstyle guitar.


Undergraduate Research

Depth-Aware Shape from Shading (Undergraduate Final Year Thesis)
Advisor: Professor Chi-Keung Tang

Traditional Shape from Shading (SfS) methods for single-view 3D reconstruction can usually achieve acceptable results, especially for high frequency components where normals frequently change. However, those methods often have erroneous results when handling low frequency components. Kinect depth map, though often noisy and in low quality, can ameliorate the errors in low frequency components when applying SfS. Our approach makes use of the depth map as guidance to upsample the height map reconstructed by SfS.

*Champion of the Best Final Year Thesis Award 2014


Advisor: Professor Kam Tim Woo
My project partner fell in love with IMUs and he has a startup now! Check this out: sensabledynamics

In this project, we installed an IMU (MPU6050) to obtain the inclination of the robot. We used the first-order complementary filter to process the IMU data and PID controller to correct x-axis and y-axis inclination.

*Second Prize, National Challenge Cup Competition

Work Experience


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