Internet Routing: COS 598A, Spring 2005: Lecture Schedule

Lecture and Reading Schedule:

Date Topic Assigned readings (use Acrobat and RealMedia Player) Food for thought
Feb 1 Overview: IP packet delivery and higher-level protocols (ppt) N/A N/A
Feb 3 Overview: IP addressing and routing (ppt) Saltzer84, Clark88, Clark02 reading
Feb 8 Topology: Inside an Autonomous System (ppt) Spring02 (optional Teixeira03), Li04, Maps reviewing
Feb 10 Topology: Connections between Autonomous Systems (ppt) Chang04, Huston99, NANOG-Video experimenting
Feb 15 Traffic engineering: Load balancing inside an AS (ppt) Khanna89, Fortz02, (skim RFC3272) grad school
Feb 17 Traffic engineering: Load balancing between ISPs (ppt) Feamster03, Mahajan04 grad school
Feb 22 Traffic engineering: Multi-homed stub networks (ppt) Akella03, Goldenberg04 grad school
Feb 24 Convergence delay: Intradomain routing (ppt) Iannaccone02, NANOG-Video, Shaikh01 grad school
Mar 1 PlanetLab: Guest lecture by Professor Larry Peterson Peterson02, Peterson04, Bavier04 CRA resources
Mar 3 Convergence delay: Interdomain routing (ppt) Labovitz00, Mao02 (NANOG Video) research
Mar 8 Non-convergence: Policy conflicts in interdomain routing (ppt) Griffin02, NANOG-Video, Gao01 PhD comics
Mar 10 Hot potato: Influence of intradomain routing on BGP (ppt) Teixeira04 (NANOG-Video), TIE Graduate School Humor
Mar 22 Root-cause analysis: Inference from BGP updates (ppt) Feldmann04, NANOG-Video, Teixeira04a ???
Mar 24 Route monitoring: Detecting anomalies inside an AS (ppt) Shaikh04, Wu05 (Optional PacketDesign and Ipsum) ???
Mar 29 Scalability: BGP routing table size (ppt) Bu02, Chang02, RFC2519 As We May Think
Mar 31 Scalability: Topology size (ppt) Kleinrock77, RFC2796 (Optional Gav01, RFC2791) On Being the Right Size
Apr 5 Network control: Configuring the routing protocols (ppt) Gottlieb03, Feamster05 (NANOG-Video), Caesar05 OOPSLA writing
Apr 7 Network control: Removing routing from routers (ppt) RAS04, RCP04, WaferThin04 SOSP writing
Apr 12 No class None None
Apr 14 No class None None
Apr 19 Router software: Efficient and extensible routing software (ppt) Handley05, Caesar05 (Optional OpenBGPd and Quagga) SIGCOMM writing
Apr 21 Routing security: Improving BGP security (ppt) Nordstrom04, Kent00, Optional NANOG-video sins of authors
Apr 26 New directions: Overlay services (ppt) Andersen01, Qiu03, Optional Raghavan04 writing/presenting
Apr 28 New directions: Multi-Protocol Label Switching (ppt) Rekhter97, RFC 3031, Optional NANOG-video Davie at SIGCOMM'03
May 10 Project reports due (by the end of the day) N/A talks
May 16 Project presentations (note Monday 1:30pm class in room 302) N/A talks