Current Ph.D. Students & Post-Docs:

Anders Miltner (PhD)

Ryan Beckett (PhD)

Former Masters, Ph.D. Students & Postdocs:

Michael Greenberg (Postdoc)

Cole Schlesinger (PhD)

CJ Bell (PhD)

Chris Monsanto (PhD)

Qian Xi (PhD)

Rob Harrison (Masters, thesis)

Nate Foster (Postdoc)

Matthew Meola (PhD)

Kenny Q. Zhu (Postdoc)

Frances Spalding Perry (PhD)

Daniel S. Dantas (PhD)

Limin Jia (PhD)

Jay Ligatti (PhD, thesis)

Yitzhak Mandelbaum (PhD, thesis)

Undergraduate Advisees:

Jonathan Frankle.  Programming recursive networks.  Fall 2013.

Miles Yucht.  Computing with Pregel.  Fall 2013.

Vladimir Costescu.  Implementing settlers.  Fall 2013.

Bobby Ullman.  Topic modelling for program committee selection.  Fall 2013.

Adriana Susnea.  A high-level parallel language for querying and visualizing CoMon data. Spring 2011.

Alex Ogier.  Complexity analysis for functional data parallel programs. Fall 2010.

Patrick Wendell.  Interfacing ad hoc data with Avro through bi-directional lenses.  Fall 2010.

Adam Sanders, A news aggregator and reader. Senior Thesis, Fall 2008-Spring 2009

Michael Dirolf.  Software transient fault tolerance:  Compiler intermediate representation design and implementation.  Fall 2007.

David Costanzo.  Algorithms for processing dependent regular expressions.  Summer research.  Summer 2007; Senior Independent Work, Fall 2007.

Aaron Potechin.  Algorithms in O'Caml.  Summer course development.  Summer 2007.

Ben Deloache.  Test data generation with PADS.  Senior Independent Work.  Fall 2006.

Zach DeVito.  Data format inference.  Junior Independent Work.  Fall 2006.

Mark Daly. A user interface and format inference for processing ad hoc data.  Senior Thesis.  Fall 2005-Spring 2006.

Lester Mackey.  Lambda Zap: An intermediate language for fault tolerance.  Summer research & Junior Independent Work.  Spring-Summer 2006.  ACM Outstanding Undergraduate Winner, 2007.

Jin Oh.  PADS and CASS utilization for beta coefficients estimation with the single-index model.  Senior Independent Work.  Spring 2006.

Michael Ten-Pow.  Junior Independent Work.  Fall 2005.

Rob Simmons.  Twelf as a unified framework for language formalization and implementation.  Senior Thesis, Fall 2004-Spring 2005.  Co-winner of the Princeton Computer Science Department Senior Thesis Award.  (pdf)

Jonathon Heinberg. MinAML:  A minimalized aspect-oriented programming language.  Junior Independent Work, Spring 2003.

Jonathon Heinberg. JTensor:  A linear logic theorem prover in Java.  Junior Independent Work. Fall 2002.

Bismark Paliz. Engineering webservers for resistance to denial of service attacks.  Senior Independent Work. Fall 2002.


Recent Collaborators:

Andrew Appel (Princeton)

David August (Princeton)

Lujo Bauer (Princeton, now CMU)

CJ Bell (Princeton)

Daniel S. Dantas (Princeton)

Mike Freedman (Princeton)

Kathleen Fisher (AT&T)

Nate Foster (Cornell)

Arjun Guha (UMass)

Robert Harper (CMU)

Rob Harrison (Princeton)

Limin Jia (CMU)

Trevor Jim (AT&T)

Dexter Kozen (Cornell)

Shuvendu Lahiri (Microsoft)

Jay Ligatti (Princeton, now South Florida)

Yitzhak Mandelbaum (Google)

Chris Monsanto (Princeton)

Greg Morrisett (Harvard)

Vivek Pai (Princeton)

Jen Rexford (Princeton)

Frank Pfenning (CMU)

Shaz Qadeer (Microsoft)

Cole Schlesinger (Princeton)

Nikhil Swamy (Microsoft)

Stephanie Weirich (UPenn)

Qian Xi (Princeton)

Steve Zdancewic (UPenn)

Ben Zorn (Microsoft)

Kenny Q. Zhu (Princeton)