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Ryan Beckett and Collaborators Win ACM SIGCOMM Best Paper Award

Ryan Beckett

Prof. David Walker

Congratulations to Ryan Beckett, Princeton PhD student, and his collaborators Ratul Mahajan (MSR), Todd Millstein (UCLA), Jitu Padhye (MSR) and David Walker (Princeton), for winning the 2016 ACM SIGCOMM Best Paper Award.  The award was given for the paper entitled "Don't Mind the Gap: Bridging Network-wide Objectives and Device-level Configurations". The paper describes Propane, a new language that allows network operators to describe routing objectives at a high level of abstraction.  Propane allows users to declare both inter-domain routing goals (routes between networks owned by different institutions) and intra-domain routing goals (routes within a network owned by single institution) as well as the back-up paths traffic should take when failures occur.  The Propane compiler translates these high-level goals into a fully distributed implementation with strong fault tolerance guarantees.

Propane shared the SIGCOMM best paper award with two other papers: "Eliminating Channel Feedback in Next-Generation Cellular Networks" by Deepak Vasisht, Swarun Kumar, Hariharan Rahul, Dina Katabi and "Inter-Technology Backscatter: Towards Internet Connectivity for Implanted Devices" by Vikram Iyer, Vamsi Talla, Bryce Kellogg, Shyamnath Gollakota, and Joshua Smith. Congratulations to all of the award winners.

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