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Margaret Martonosi is lead PI on a $5.8M contract from DARPA

Professor Margaret Martonosi

Professor Margaret Martonosi
Photo by David Kelly Crow

At the Electronics Resurgence Initiative Summit in San Francisco, DARPA announced funding to support projects in three main fields: design, architecture, and materials and integration. 

Within the architecture field, Margaret Martonosi, Hugh Trumbull Adams '35 Professor of Computer Science, received a 5.8 million dollar contract as lead Principal Investigator.  Her research is part of the newly funded Software Defined Hardware program. Along with collaborators David Wentzlaff (EE) and Luca Carloni (Columbia University) the team will design and build the DECADES chip for heterogeneous tile-based specialization with intelligent storage reconfigurations.

For the full list of winners in the Electronics Resurgence Initiative, click here.

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