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COVID-19 Information and Updates

COVID 19 information and updates.

Princeton University is implementing a series of policies in response to COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus. The University is enacting new policies and practices based on the concept of social distancing.

The goal is to decrease the number of situations that require community members to gather in large groups and to minimize the time spent in close proximity with each other.

When off campus, faculty, staff, and students are free to do as they wish, though they should keep health and safety in mind.

Most answers to your questions can be found on Princeton’s COVID-19 websitePlease use that site as your official source of information, as other websites, media outlets, and social media pages may not have the most accurate or up-to-date information from the University.

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COS Undergraduate FAQ MARCH 23, 2020

We hope you are doing ok under these very difficult circumstances. Many of you are wondering about how grading of your spring-term COS courses will proceed in light of the many changes in teaching and learning. Answers to many of the questions that have been received will be placed here.

Grading - Departmentals


What is the P/D/F Policy for COS?

To reduce stress, and to account for clear differences in student situations and experiences in the days and weeks ahead, all spring-term COS courses (as well as all independent work and theses for COS majors) will have, at a minimum, a Pass/D/Fail option. We are currently working to determine which courses, if any, will also be P/D/F-only.


Will the COS department accept P/D/F graded courses as departmental requirements?

Courses taken P/D/F this Spring may be used as COS departmentals, and they will be allowed to satisfy the prerequisite requirements for other COS courses. 


What about the Program in Applications of Computing certificate?

The PAC (Programs in Applications of Computing) will accept Spring 2020 courses taken with P/D/F to satisfy requirements as if they were taken for a grade. 


How will P (Pass) grades on your transcript look to future employers and graduate/professional schools?

Many universities are moving to Pass/Fail grading options of one sort or another, so Pass grades will be common on many student transcripts for this period.  Plus, you can rest assured that the COS faculty will comment on this unusual period in recommendation letters they write for you, and can speak to the ways you distinguish yourself in your coursework and one-on-one research projects, independent of the presence or absence of any explicit letter grade. So, you should feel completely comfortable in making the choices that are best for you, for those courses that offer the P/D/F option.

Independent Work

Will the P/D/F option be available for theses and IW?

All spring-term COS courses (as well as all independent work and theses for COS majors) will have, at a minimum, a Pass/D/Fail option.


Study Abroad

I was on Study Abroad during the spring 2020 term, who do I contact with any questions that I may have?

Please contact your Study Abroad Adviser in the Office of International Programs.  Mariella Diaz, Coordinator, Study Abroad Program will be happy to assist you.  

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