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CITP Special Event: Tech In Conversation: Imagining Radical Tech Futures

Date and Time
Monday, April 11, 2022 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Hybrid event (off campus)

Zoom link for public and those who do NOT want to attend in person.

In person attendance is restricted to Princeton University students, faculty and staff. Please register here using your Princeton University email address.

While scholars often examine the ways in which technologies fail and marginalize communities, this event focuses on an equally critical goal of adopting an abolitionist mindset – one that simultaneously asks how can we build new and life-affirming systems, while tearing down others that inflict harm. This panel brings together three technologists engaged in the exploration of generative, creative and justice-oriented interventions to improve the relationship between technology and society — specifically, developing alternatives to violent and discriminatory systems. We look forward to a lively discussion about each of their approaches to designing radical tech tools for social change, and expanding our own imaginations around the future of tech.

This event is the first in our Tech in Conversation series at the Center for Information Technology Policy. This series aims to spark conversations about tech and society across a wide range of disciplines; from cybersecurity to designing radical games to community technology initiatives. We’ll host speakers with experiences outside of academia – those working in the field, in policy, on social media, at the grassroots, in art, in community – and engage them in conversations that are relevant and accessible to a wide community of people.

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