Interface Technology

Fall 2008

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Date Lecture Reading Labs/Assignments/Exams
9/15, Mon.
First Class
Overview of Class
Interface Introduction (after Bill Verplank)
Design of Input Devices (by Zhai)
Fitts' Law (the one theory in HCI??)
<--Notes and
Fitts 1954
Assignment 1, Due Mon., Sept. 22th
Working with computers:
Observe, Sketch, Think, Improve, Write-Up
9/17, Wed. CASE STUDY: THE MOUSE How it Works
More about MEECE and the Optical Mouse
A nice interview with Doug Engelbart
Verplank, Oliver on Mouse Useability Design
<--Notes Lab #1: Input Devices: Human Factors
Due Monday, September 29
(Read about a good lab report here)
9/22, Mon. Basic Physics Overview/Intro
Basic Electronics Intro/Overview
Ohm's Law (REALLY a Law)
<--Notes Assignment 1 due
9/24, Wed. Principles of Sensors, Resistors, Capacitors, More
Capacitance Law (Faraday)
Inductance Law (Faraday, Henry (Princeton))
<--Notes Lab #2: Input Devices: Resistive Sensors
Due Monday, October 6
9/29, Mon. Principles of Sensors, Resistors, Capacitors, More <--Notes Lab 1 Due Today
10/1, Wed. CASE STUDIES:

Theremin Video BioMuse Video Radio Baton Video
George Miller's Magical Number of 7 +/- 2
Signal Conditioning / Preprocessing / Data Acquisition
<--Notes and
Miller 1956
Assignment 2, 7 +/- 2
Due Monday, October 13
10/6 Mon. SPECIAL:: Shaping the Future with Technology
Craig Mundie, CRSO Microsoft
Dodds, Robertson
Lab #3: Piezo and Capacitive Sensors
Due Wednesday, October 15
10/8, Wed. User input via Eye Tracking
Some on Faces in General
The World of BioMetrics
<--Notes *** Lab 2 Due ***
10/13, Mon. Isometric/Isotonic/Rate/Velocity control mapping
Muscle Groups, 6-DOF Input Control

Psychophysical Measurements:
Weber's Law, Fechner's Law, Steven's Law
<--Notes and
Zhai 1998
*** Assignment 2 Due ***
10/15, Wed. Haptics at the User Interface
Steering and Steering with Haptics
Sensory Substitution
<--Notes *** Lab 3 Due ***
Assignment 3
Due Wednesday October 22
10/20, Mon. CASE STUDY: MIDI
Serial I/O, MIDI
Auditory Display
<--Notes .
UP NEXT **************** UP NEXT **************** UP NEXT UP NEXT********************
10/22, Wed. Sound Synthesis
3-D Audio ... Kemar ... HEAD ... MTB
<--Notes *** Assignment 3 Due ***
Initial Project Proposal/Ideas!!
Due November 5

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