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Graduate Alumni


Guilherme Ottoni

Adviser: August, David
Degree: PhD, 2008 , Thesis: Global Instruction Scheduling for Multi-Threaded Architectures (thesis)

Philip Shilane

Adviser: Funkhouser, Thomas
Degree: PhD, 2008 , Thesis: Shape Distinction for 3D Object Retrieval

Konstantin Makarychev

Adviser: Charikar, Moses
Degree: PhD, 2008 , Thesis: Quadratic Forms on Graphs and their Applications

Limin Jia

Adviser: Walker, David
Degree: PhD, 2008 , Thesis: Linear Logic and Imperative Programming


Adriana Karagiozova

Adviser: Charikar, Moses
Degree: PhD, 2007 , Thesis: Aspects of Network Design (thesis)

Diego Nehab

Adviser: Rusinkiewicz, Szymon
Degree: PhD, 2007 , Thesis: Advances in 3D Shape Acquisition (thesis)

Elena Nabieva

Adviser: Singh, Mona
Degree: PhD, 2007 , Thesis: Topology and function in protein interaction networks (thesis)

Mark McCann

Adviser: Nicholas Pippenger
Degree: PhD, 2007 , Thesis: Memory in Media with Manufacturing Faults (thesis)

Yilei Shao

Adviser: LaPaugh, Andrea
Degree: PhD, 2007 , Thesis: Exploring Social Networks in Computer Systems

Yong Wang

Adviser: Martonosi, Margaret
Degree: PhD, 2007 , Thesis: Situation-Aware Optimizations in Challenged Networks

KyoungSoo Park

Adviser: Pai, Vivek
Degree: PhD, 2007 , Thesis: Towards Highly Reliable and Scalable Distributed Systems (thesis)

Chi Zhang

Adviser: Singh, Jaswinder
Degree: PhD, 2007 , Thesis: Managing Large Scale Distributed Data with Peer-to-Peer Search Trees


Nir Ailon

Adviser: Chazelle, Bernard
Degree: PhD, 2006 , Thesis: Studies in Algorithms (Thesis)

Jarred Ligatti

Adviser: Walker, David
Degree: PhD, 2006 , Thesis: Policy Enforcement via Program Monitoring (thesis)

Renato Werneck

Adviser: Tarjan, Robert
Degree: PhD, 2006 , Thesis: Design and Analysis of Data Structures for Dynamic Trees

John Hainsworth

Adviser: Cook, Perry
Degree: PhD, 2006 , Thesis: Enabling Truly Collaborative Writing on a Computer

Marcin (Martin) Makowiecki

Adviser: N/A
Degree: MEng, 2006

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