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Graduate Alumni


John Hainsworth

Adviser: Cook, Perry
Degree: PhD, 2006 , Thesis: Enabling Truly Collaborative Writing on a Computer

Marcin (Martin) Makowiecki

Adviser: N/A
Degree: MEng, 2006

Qin Lv

Adviser: Li, Kai
Degree: PhD, 2006 , Thesis: Similarity Search for Large-Scale Image Datasets

Tammo Spalink

Adviser: Peterson, Larry
Degree: PhD, 2006 , Thesis: Deterministic Sharing of Distributed Resources

Sudhakar Govindavajhala

Adviser: Appel, Andrew
Degree: PhD, 2006 , Thesis: A Formal Approach to Practical Network Security Management (thesis)

Nitin Garg

Adviser: Randy Wang
Degree: PhD, 2006 , Thesis: A Postal System Based Digital Network And A Distance Learning System (thesis)

Shengyu Zhang

Adviser: Yao, Andrew
Degree: PhD, 2006 , Thesis: New Quantum Algorithms and Quantum Lower Bounds

Spyridon Triantafyllis

Adviser: August, David
Degree: PhD, 2006 , Thesis: Eliminating Scope and Selection Limitations in Compiler Optimizations

Fengyun Cao

Adviser: Singh, Jaswinder
Degree: PhD, 2006 , Thesis: Architecture Design for Distributed Content-based Publish-Subscribe Systems

Yitzhak Mandelbaum

Adviser: Walker, David
Degree: PhD, 2006 , Thesis: The Theory and Practice of Data Description (thesis)


Edith Elkind

Adviser: Amit Sahai
Degree: PhD, 2005 , Thesis: Computational Issues in Optimal Auction Design

Jie Chen

Adviser: LaPaugh, Andrea
Degree: PhD, 2005 , Thesis: Comparison of Clustering Algorithms and its Application to Document Clustering

Frank Battaglia

Adviser: N/A
Degree: MEng, 2005

Loukas Georgiadis

Adviser: Tarjan, Robert
Degree: PhD, 2005 , Thesis: Linear-Time Algorithms for Dominators and Related Problems (thesis)

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