COS-597B Syllabus



This class is appropriate for advanced undergraduate and graduate students with some prior (undergraduate-level) background in systems and/or networking. Some familiarity with both system/network programming will be helpful, as well as comfort with reading and digesting systems research literature.


This schedule and syllabus are preliminary and likely to change.

Date Topics Notes Readings Presenter
Fri 09/12 Introduction--history, geometry, graphics, presence
Explore Second Life  
Fri 09/19 Traditional networking and routing
RING, DistributedArch* Golightly
Fri 09/26 Peer-to-peer routing architectures
StructuredStreams, DCCP* Ferguson
Fri 10/03 Transactions, time, and consistency models
P2PGeometry, HierarchicalDHTs*, NonTransRouting* Terrace
Mon 10/13 Consistency systems
2PC, PAXOS, eventual consistency, memcached P-NP-VirtWorlds, BASE* Ali
Fri 10/17 Consistency in games
Discussion on class-proposed topics Sinfonia, Dynamo* Sen
Fri 10/24 New network architectures
Colyseus, Donnybrook* Badam
Fri 10/31 Fall recess
No class  
Mon 11/10 Virtualization and migration
Fri 11/14 Network management and fault tolerance
DNS tricks, IP anycast, ARP spoofing Gone60Seconds, TCPMigrate* Keller
Fri 11/21 Security
Ethane, AnycastCDNs* Lloyd
Fri 11/28 Thanksgiving recess
No class  
Wed 12/03 Special talk--Meru Virtual World
Colloquia abstract. 4pm in CS 105.  
Fri 12/05 Dynamic environments
Content creation, scripting, CDN support, etc. GraphicsWithQuadtrees, RTrees* Shue
Fri 12/12
No class  
Tue 12/16 Project presentations
15 minutes per student  

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