TectonicFS accepted to FAST '21!

PORT and Copilot appeared at OSDI '20!

Awarded Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Award
LRB and Gryff appeared at NSDI '20!

I co-lead the S* Network Systems (SNS) group with Mike Freedman and Amit Levy in the CS department at Princeton. I also co-advise two students with Ethan Katz-Bassett in an initiative to specialize distributed systems and networking for large applications deployed in datacenters.

I am interested in the theory, design, implementation, evaluation, and deployment of large-scale distributed systems. Keywords like big data, storage, consistency, geo-replication, consensus, concurrency control, and fault tolerance pique my interest.

One of my research directions looks at the tradeoffs between the guarantees and performance properties of distributed systems. Guarantees like consistency and transactional abilities make systems easier to reason about and program against. Performance properties like latency and throughput affect end user experience and the capital cost of systems. We're exploring what combinations of power and performance are and aren't possible. The SNOW Theorem, Janus, and Occult are our most recent work in this area, which also includes Existential Consistency, Consistency Challenges, Rococo, Eiger, and COPS.

Another of my research directions looks at understanding and improving media processing, storage, and delivery at massive scale. RIPQ and extensions from deploying it in practice at Facebook described in this blog post are our most recent published work in this area, which also includes f4 and a study of the Facebook photo caching stack. Most of this work focused on photos, and we're currently exploring the new challenges posed by videos.

Wyatt Lloyd

Assistant Professor

Princeton University


All of this research is made possible by my fantastic students:

Current Students



  • Jennifer Lam


  • Daniel Jubas (2021)
  • Audrey Cheng (2020)
  • John Suh (2020)

Past Students


  • Mohsin Alie (USC 2016) → Facebook
  • Abhinav Sharma (USC 2016) → Facebook
  • Jamie Tsaoe (USC 2016) → Google


  • Parker Wild (2019) → Scholar in the Nation's Service Fellow
  • Noah Beattie-Moss (2019) → Facebook
  • Vignesh Rajendran (2019)
  • Yousif Aldolaijan (USC)
  • Sam Thomas (Cornell, USC visitor)
  • Roberto Gonzalez (East LA College, USC visitor) → Cal Poly Pomona
  • Matt Burke (USC 2017) → Cornell PhD Program
  • Trevor Cai (USC 2017) → DeepMind/Alphabet
  • Brian Goodchilde (RU-Camden 2017, USC visitor) → Columbia PhD Program
  • Chris Hodsdon (RU-Camden 2016, USC visitor) → Princeton PhD Program
  • Cary Jiang → Rice Undergrad

I am also privileged to work closely with other great students including: