Music 539: Interactive Arts Technologies

Music 539: Interactive Arts Technologies

Perry Cook
Mondays, 2:00-4:50
Room 10?, Woolworth Music Building

This seminar will cover technologies and techniques for making interactive arts projects, exhibits, installations, and performances. Sensors, signal processing, and display systems will be covered. We'll look at case studies of specific projects, and make some of our own as well.

Syllabus As It Develops:

Each participant will be expected to complete two major assignments (with a proposal, progress report, and final demonstration/presentation for the 2nd one):

Topics to be Covered:

These are pretty much in order, the numbers don't necessarily imply weeks.

    1) Sensors: Force, proximity, whatever
    2) Communication: infrared and wireless
    3) Microprocessors and DSP chips
    4) Signal Processing: effects, filters, pattern recogn.
    5) Motors and other muscles
    6) Project Research Presentations
    7) More Signal Processing
    8) Video: As Input
    9) Speakers, 3D sound
    10) Video (and Light): As Output
    11) More Stuff
    12) Project Presentations