Andrew W. Appel

Eugene Higgins Professor of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science
Princeton University

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Research Interests: program verification, computer security, programming language semantics, machine-checked proofs, compilers, and election technology.

DeepSpec   The Science of Deep Specification
National Science Foundation Expedition in Computing 2016-2021

Verified Software Toolchain
VST project page
CertiCoq project page
Voting machines

Recent articles on voting:
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Voting machines I recommend
BMDs are not meaningfully auditable
ImageCast Evolution voting machine: Mitigations, misleadings, and misunderstandings
How to do a Risk-Limiting Audit

   Internet Voting? Really?

Technology Policy

Center for Information Technology Policy

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Previous research projects

Standard ML of New Jersey, a compiler for the type-safe functional programming language ML.
Foundational Proof-Carrying Code for security of untrusted code.
Enterprise Network Security Analysis.