Andrew W. Appel

Eugene Higgins Professor of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science
Princeton University

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Research Interests: program verification, computer security, programming language semantics, machine-checked proofs, compilers, and election technology.

Verified Software Toolchain

VST project page
       Program Logics for Certified Compilers
  (hardcover)   Kindle


Principled Optimizing Compilation
of Dependently Typed Programs

Technology Policy

Center for Information Technology Policy

My blog at Freedom to Tinker

Other technology policy work I've done

Voting Machines

Research, teaching, and trial testimony

Security Seals on Voting Machines: A Case Study

The New Jersey Voting-machine Lawsuit
and the AVC Advantage DRE Voting Machine

Previous research projects

Standard ML of New Jersey, a compiler for the type-safe functional programming language ML.
Foundational Proof-Carrying Code for security of untrusted code.
Enterprise Network Security Analysis.

Historical notes

Alan Turing's Systems of Logic
Video: Turing's legacy and computer science at Princeton
Kenneth I. Appel 2013: New York Times

2015: CUNY's new supercomputer to be named in honor of alumnus Kenneth Appel