Andrew W. Appel

With my students Xinming (Simon) Ou and Sudhakar Govindavajhala, I worked on declarative, data-driven, logic-based analyses of security vulnerabilities in enterprise networks.

MulVAL: A logic-based network security analyzer. Xinming Ou, Sudhakar Govindavajhala, and Andrew W. Appel. 14th USENIX Security Symposium, August 2005.

Windows Access Control Demystified, by Sudhakar Govindavajhala and Andrew W. Appel, January 2006.

A logic-programming approach to network security analysis by Xinming Ou. PhD Thesis, Princeton University, September 2005.

A Formal Approach to Practical Network Security Management., by Sudhakar Govindavajhala,Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton University, 2006.