Computer Science 116
The Computational Universe
Spring 2010

Princeton University
Computer Science Department

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Labs meet Wed 7:30pm - 10:20pm in Friend Center room 007, except for the first lab which will be done online. Email lab reports to by noon on Tuesday of the week after the lab.

Week 1: No lab meeting first week; instead there will be this take-home lab, on the topic of Web 2.0.

Week 2: Lab 2 is canceled. (University shut due to weather.) We will fold this material into future labs.
Week 3: Controlling the Robot I. Scribbler software instructions can be found here
Week 4: Controlling the Robot II.
Week 5: Digital Sound and Music. Also, the files needed for the lab. 
Week 7: Digital Logic I .
Week 8: Digital Logic II .
Week 9: Virus and Worm Propagation in Networks.
Week 10: Internet Structure and Congestion Control.
Week 11: Computer Graphics.
Week 12: Machine Learning.