Final Project

CS426 Assignment 6

Assigned Dec. 14, 1998, due Friday Jan. 15, 1999, 10:30am

Last modified: Fri Jan 15 15:44:40 EST 1999

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The project in CS 426 is designed to allow you to explore in a group some aspect of computer graphics that we didn't cover or to delve further into a topic that we did cover.

  1. Go back to one of the assignments and expand your solution. For example, you could write a ray tracer that supports all of the extra credit enhancements and a wider class of objects and more lights and ... Or you could combine your modeler and curve editor into one great animation system, or...
  2. subdivision surfaces
  3. "tour into the picture" (as seen in the video on Monday Dec 13)
  4. natural phenomena: plants, water/rain, tornado, lightning, clouds/smoke, mountains
  5. non-photorealistic rendering: oil painting/impressionism, watercolour, pen & ink, also animated (?)
  6. CSG/implicit surfaces modeler
  7. radiosity solver
  8. the Ultimate Game Program
  9. design and implement a project of your own.

To give you an idea, here are some old final project web pages:


There are 2 essential constraints on your project.
  1. You must work in a group of size 3 or 4. You can work in a team of 2 if you really want to.
  2. Your project must be able to be demoed in reasonable fashion to your classmates. This means that it must be completed by the due date and that you must be present to show the class how wonderful your project is. Hint: Many a project has involved less work but demoed very well and got a high grade

Each team will be assigned one of {af, emilp, min} as their contact person to help in executing the project.

Demo day

On Friday January 15th, between 10.30am and noon, each group will hold a demo session in the MECA lab.

Your demo should be about 10-15 minutes long. You should show us what you've done, tell us how you did it and tell us what was easy/what was difficult. Also be prepared to tell us what you would have done with more time, how the group divided the project, etc.

Your project web page should be updated to contain information about your project, perhaps some demo things (depending on the project), a link to documentation, a link to source code and a link to an executable that we can download and run.

Grading of the projects will be largely on the demos, but we will also expect to download them and run them on our own. Also, we will read the documentation.


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