COS-561, Fall 2014: Advanced Computer Networks

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COS 561 provides a research survey on network protocols---the rules and conventions that communicating end-points follow to exchange data over a computer network. The course covers both classic papers about the Internet protocols and recent research results, and will consider protocol design and analysis, as well as simulation and measurement studies of new and existing protocols.

Prerequisite: While the course has no formal prerequisites, some background in computer networking (e.g., COS 461 or the equivalent) is useful. (See the COS 461 syllabus for an overview of the material in COS 461. See also the Schedule tab at GA Tech CS 6250 for short video overviews of many introductory networking concepts.) The first two weeks of COS 561 will provide a brief overview of the material from COS 461, with emphasis on the end host, the control plane, and the data plane---to set the stage for the remainder of the course. The course assignments will assume a basic familiarity with programming in Python.


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