COS 598E:Foundations of Language-Based Security





Week Topic Reading Lectures Homework
Feb 4th introduction, lambda calculus, logical relations Review Harper 5-8

Pierce 12

motivation, lecture1,lecture2  
Feb 11th TAL: core, polymorphism Review Harper 22-23 tal(parts 1,2) Homework 1
Feb 18th TAL: stacks, data structures stal tal(parts 2,3,4)  
Feb 25th TAL: dependency, Cyclone Cyclone tal(parts 4,5)

wed: Grossman, Cyclone

Homework 2
March 4th LF, representing syntax  Pfenning notes Pfenning slides  
March 11th LF, representing judgments Appel tutorial wed: Gang Homework 3
March 25th foundations of logic a judgmental reconstruction of modal logic (hand-written) project proposal due March 27th
April 1st proof-carrying code, proof-carrying authentication proof-carrying code

proof-carrying authentication

mon: Kedar slides

wed: Lujo slides

April 8th proof-carrying authentication, QCM QCM mon: Eun-Young  
April 15th run-time monitoring, stack inspection stack inspection IRMs, stack inspection  
April 22nd J-kernel J-kernel J-kernel  
April 29th project presentations