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Daily Prince praises CS department innovation in teaching

Today's Daily Princetonian has an editorial praising the CS department as a leader in innovation in undergrad education at Princeton.  They mention three things in particular that they really like.

The Prince doesn't name names, so I will do that here:

1.  Flipped lectures.  The MOOC videos in COS 226 were developed by Bob Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne, and the flipped lecture section that makes use of them was developed and taught by Ananda Gunawardena

2.  Beginner's precepts in 126.  Students can sign up for 80-minute beginner's precepts instead of the normal 50-minute precepts in that course.  These sections were created by Maia Ginsburg and taught by her, Donna Gabai, and Dan Leyzberg.

3.  Widespread use of on-line discussion boards.  Many of us are using Piazza in our courses, too numerous to mention here.

Congratulations to Bob, Kevin, Guna, Maia, Donna, and Dan Leyzberg.

-- Andrew Appel

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