Princeton University
Computer Science Dept.

Computer Science 435
Information Retrieval, Discovery, and Delivery

Andrea LaPaugh

Spring 2002

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Mon. Feb. 4: Organization and brief overview of topics

Part 1: topics in information retrieval and manipulation

Wed. Feb. 6: Classic models for information retrieval

Mon. Feb. 11: Classic models continued: extended Boolean model and latent semantic indexing

Wed. Feb. 13: Classic models continued: the Bayesian network probabilistic model

Mon. Feb. 18: Ranking documents using URL structure: hubs and authorities and Google's pagerank.

Wed. Feb. 20:Evaluation of Retrieval Techniques

Mon. Feb. 25: Problem set 1 due today.
Finish Evaluation. (postponed starting "Indexing and Searching").

Wed. Feb. 27: Indexing and Searching

Mon. March 4: Project proposal due today.
Indexing and Searching continued

Wed. March 6: Indexing and Searching continued

Mon. March 11: Problem set 2 postponed.
!!! Guest Speaker: George Tzanetakis on audio information retrieval.

Wed. March 13 General remarks on media retrieval (postponed from last time) and image retrieval

Mon. March 18 and Wed. March 20 SPRING BREAK

Part 2: topics in document similarity and information discovery

Mon. March 25: Introduction to data mining; document similarity

Wed. March 27: Overview of clustering

Thurs. March 28: Problem set 2 due 3pm today.

Mon. April 1: Clustering, continued.

Wed. April 3: Problem set 3 due today.
Question and answer session in preparation for take-home exam. No new material.

Thurs. April 4: Take-home exam available for pick-up starting at 9am today. See Announcements for specific instructions.

Mon. April 8: Clustering based on minimum cut trees

Tues. April 9: Take-home exam due at 5pm today. See Announcements for specific instructions.

Wed. April 10:Issues in Web crawling.

Mon. April 15: Recommender Systems

Part 3: systems issues in delivering digital information

Wed. April 17: Web caching and prefetching

Mon. April 22: Problem set 4 due today.
Caching and prefetching, continued.

Wed. April 24: Caching and prefetcing, continued.

Mon. April 29: Student presentations

Wed. May 1: Student presentations, content distribution networks, and concluding remarks

Tues. May 14, Dean's Date: Projects due at 5pm today.

Wed. May 15 :EXTRA CLASS at NOON for student presentations and project demonstrations. In Rm 301.

* on reserve in the Engineering Library

A.S. LaPaugh Mon May 13 23:08:25 EDT 2002