Princeton University
Computer Science Dept.

Computer Science 598d
Advanced Topics in CS: Data Visualization

Spring 2000

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Administrative Information

Class meeting time: M 3:00-4:50pm, Room: 402

Professor: Kai Li - 306 CS Building - 258-4637

Course Summary

The goal of this research seminar is to explore advanced techniques of data visualization.  We will begin the seminar with several lectures and presentations to give an overview of the field.  We will then brainstorm research ideas related to the three main topics in data visualization: extracting information from data, presenting information to users, and building visualization systems.  During this period, course projects will be developed and defined.  Students who are taking this course for credit will give a presentation about the plan of their projects.  Towards the end of the course, each project group will give a final presentation and demonstration.

Other faculty and staff members who are related this research seminar include: Stefanos Damianakis, Adam Finkelstein and Ben Shedd.