Princeton University
Computer Science Dept.

Computer Science 598d
Advanced Topics in CS: Data Visualization


Spring 2000

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This is a tentative schedule.

Week 1:
        Brief introduction to visualization, and about the class (Li).

Week 2:
        The design of visualization (Li, Shedd).

Week 3:
        Introduction to volumetric visualization techniques (Finkelstein).
        Introduction to AVS/Express and OpenDX (Dr. Klasky from PPPL).
        Useful tutorials from SIGGRAPH'97:
           Course 31: Principles of Volume Visualization
           Course 32: Advances of Volume Visualization

Week 4:
        Introduction to VTK  (guest lecture: Dr. Will Schroeder).

Week 5:
        Introduction to DNA data and visualization (Prof. Mona Singh)

Week 6:
        Visualizing graphs and networks (Dr. Stephen North from AT&T Labs).

Week 7:
        Remote isosurface visualization (Zhiyan Liu)

Week 8:
        TBD (Anoop Gupta)

Week 9:
        Volume visualization (Robert Osada)

Week 10:
        Visualizing web data (Jordan Parker and Curtis Wright)

Week 11:
        TBD (Yilei Shao)

Week 12:
        Final project presentations and demonstrations.