AGT Mentoring Workshop (AMW) 2018


The goal of this workshop, co-located with Economics and Computation (EC 2018) is to provide early-stage researchers the background, both from a technical and mentoring perspective, to start a successful research career in Algorithmic Game Theory.

The workshop will take place all day on Monday, June 18th. Some sessions will consist of introductory technical talks, covering core AGT topics such as Mechanism Design, Matching Markets, Social Choice, Fair Division, and others, with a focus on providing attendees the technical background necessary to appreciate the upcoming EC presentations in these areas.

The morning session will be followed by lunch, where attendees will interact with senior members of the EC community.

Some sessions will consist of mentoring talks. These will cover topics such as: "What other conferences do AGT researchers submit to? What kinds of internships do AGT students apply to? What kinds of jobs do AGT researchers pursue after graduation?"

If you are an early-stage researcher new to the EC community, please apply to participate in the workshop! We also have limited funding to support travel for a select group of students who otherwise would be unable to attend.

Organizers: Nicole Immorlica (Microsoft Research), Ruta Mehta (UIUC), Matt Weinberg (Princeton).