Sayash Kapoor


I am a second year PhD candidate at Princeton University, where I am advised by Prof. Arvind Narayanan. I am affiliated with the Center for Information Technology Policy and the Department of Computer Science.

I am interested in critically investigating Machine Learning methods and their use in scientific research. To that end, I currently study Irreproducibility in Machine Learning as well as issues with Machine Learning generalization. I previously worked on fairness in machine learning with Prof. Nisheeth Vishnoi and Prof. Elisa Celis, and on robust online optimization with Prof. Purushottam Kar.

My work has been published in academic conferences such as ACM FAccT, CSCW, AIES, and IJCAI, and journals such as Machine Learning and AI Communications. At NeurIPS 2020, I co-organized the Resistance AI workshop. I received the best paper award at ACM FAT* 2019 (now ACM FAccT).

Before joining Princeton, I worked as a software engineer at Facebook London and as a research assistant at EPFL and Columbia University. I completed my undergraduate degree at IIT Kanpur, where I received the Motorola Gold Medal for outstanding all-round performance among the graduating class of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

I am writing a book on AI snake oil with Prof. Arvind Narayanan!
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