Group Members

Current members

Chaitanya Aluru
Judy Du
Anat Etzion-Fuchs
Eric Glynn
Borislav Hristov
Daniel Munro
Sean King
Antonio Muscarella
Anton Persikov, Research Scientist
Pawel Przytycki
Josh Wetzel
Jose Zamalloa


Dawn Brooks (PhD, 2002). “Evolution of amino acid composition over deep time: clues in ancient, extant sequences.” Current position: Physician.

Jessica Fong (PhD, 2005). “Computational methods for predicting coiled-coil protein interactions.” Current position: Software engineer, Google Pittsburgh.

Carl Kingsford (PhD, 2005). “Computational approaches to problems in protein structure and function.” Current position: Associate professor, Carnegie Mellon, Computational Biology Department, School of Computer Science.

Elena Zaslavsky (PhD, 2005). “Algorithms for representation and discovery of transcription factor binding sites.” Current position: Research assistant professor, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.

Robert Osada (PhD, 2006). “Computational methods for predicting transcription factor binding sites.” Current position: Goldman Sachs.

Elena Nabieva (PhD, 2007). “Topology and function in protein interaction networks.” Current position: Bioinformatician in the Laboratory for Evolutionary Genomics, Moscow State University.

Eric Banks (PhD, 2009). “Algorithms for analyzing and interrogating protein interaction networks.” Current position: Senior Director of the Data Sciences Platform at the Broad Institute.

Tony Capra (PhD, 2009). “Algorithms for the identification of functional sites in proteins.” Current position: Assistant professor, Center for Human Genetics and Department of Biomedical Informatics, Vanderbilt University.

Zia Khan (PhD, 2011). “Efficient algorithms for liquid chromatography coupled mass spectrometry based protein quantification.” Current position: Assistant professor, University of Maryland, Department of Computer Science.

Jimin Song (PhD, 2012). “Network-based analysis of protein function.” Current position: Postdoctoral fellow with Kevin Chen at Rutgers.

Alex Ochoa (PhD, 2013). “Protein domain prediction using context statistics, the false discovery rate, and comparative genomics, with application to Plasmodium falciparum. ” Current position: Assistant professor, Duke University, Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics. (Previously, postdoctoral fellow with John Storey at Princeton.)

Peng Jiang (PhD, 2013). “Combinatorial code analysis for understanding biological regulation.” Current position: Postdoctoral fellow with Shirley Liu at Harvard.

Jesse Farnham (PhD, 2013). “Organization and function acquisition in protein-protein interaction networks.” Current position: Research developer at AQR Capital Management.

Yuri Pritykin (PhD, 2014). "Classifications of protein roles in the functional organization of the cell." Current position: Postdoctoral fellow with Christina Leslie.

Dario Ghersi, MD, PhD (Postdoc). Current position: Assistant Professor, Biomedical Informatics, University of Nebraska, Omaha.

Shilpa Nadimpalli Kobren (Phd, 2018) "Detecting and Analyzing Variation in Protein Interaction Interfaces." Current position: Postdoctoral fellow with Zak Kohane.

Kam Jim (MS, 2002).

Nick Jacobson (MS, Chemistry, 2005).

Tao Yue (MA, 2010).