I am a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate at the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University. My advisor is Arvind Narayanan. I study the effects of technology on society, with a focus on privacy and fairness in recommender systems.

I’m the 2021-22 Hamid Biglari *87 Behavioral Science Fellow and a 2021 Twitch Research Fellow. I spent summer 2020 at Apple as a WebKit privacy intern and summer 2021 at IBM Research as a research intern.

Ethical recommender systems – I am building T-RECS, a simulation framework for better theoretical reasoning about recommender systems. T-RECS enables research on multi-stakeholder problems, such as the long-term impact of the actions and interactions of content creators and content consumers with a recommendation algorithm. I am focusing on polarization (e.g., do recommender systems incentivize the creation of increasingly extreme content?), stereotype reinforcement (e.g., are creators motivated to publish content that reinforces viewers’ stereotypes?), and unfair treatment of minorities (e.g., do recommender systems steer users away from creators belonging to a minority?).

Privacy and ethical computing – I contributed to studying Facebook Ads privacy, dark patterns, privacy policies, and browser disinformation warnings.

I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Pisa and my master’s from the University of Pisa and Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies.