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Bernard Chazelle

Eugene Higgins Professor of Computer Science
Princeton University

Unlike music, scientific work does not come with liner notes. Perhaps it should. I work in Algorithms, a field believed by many to hold the promise of a scientific revolution. If you are a believer, no need to click here. My current interests are in the area of natural algorithms.

  • Inaugural Lecture at Collège de France

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My wife Celia is a professor of medieval history at TCNJ and the director of the Institute for Prison Teaching and Outreach. Our children Damien and Anna work in film.

I love to write music but find little time for it. I used to blog at A Tiny Revolution about politics and music. If you've wondered why the world has become so just, prosperous, and peaceful, that's because I've explained:

  • Why private prisons are immoral and why Obama was wrong on Iraq.
  • Why Bach rules and the NSA wishes it did.
  • Why torture should be illegal and why humor is no laughing matter.
  • Why the American left needs a new creed. See also here.
  • Why the American Century ended in Iraq.
  • Why the French riots were salutary and why the US media gets France all wrong.
  • Why the children in Iraq make no sound when they fall.
  • Why anti-Americanism is not what you think and why Bush was, well, you know what he was.