I write music mostly in the classical tradition these days. Here is a sample. Click on the blue notes or, if you have a Flash player, on the play buttons below. Meanwhile, a big shout-out to the folks at MuseScore for making their scorewriting editor freely available on the Web.

Morceau 1   in B minor for wind ensemble             © (2016) B. Chazelle

Morceau 2   Chorale in E minor                               © (2015) B. Chazelle

Morceau 3   in A minor for cello and harp             © (2015) B. Chazelle

Morceau 4   in A major for piano                             © (2015) B. Chazelle

Morceau 5   Study in B minor for piano                 © (2015) B. Chazelle

I've written a few rock songs over the years. I post one here, a tune from 2001 that I recorded on an ancient analog 4-track mixer. As an envoi, I also give you my 2004 cover of Hendrix's 1967 cover of a Dylan classic. (The vocals and guitar parts are mine but the drumming was scored for a synthesizer.)

In The City Tonight                                                   © (2001) B. Chazelle

Like A Rolling Stone                                                           Bob Dylan