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Title Venue Date Link
Distinguished Lecture The reproducibility crisis in machine learning based science UCLA ECE Distinguished seminar series Nov 27, 2023
Keynote AI for law: Freight train or hype train? World Intellectual Property Organization Judges Forum Nov 15, 2023
AI for law: Freight train or hype train? Harvard Journal of Law and Technology speaker series Nov 15, 2023
Distinguished Lecture The Reproducibility Crisis in Machine Learning-based Science Hariri Institute Distinguished Lecture Nov 3, 2023 Abstract
Congressional forum The urgent need for accountability in predictive AI US Senate AI ‘Insight Forum’ Nov 1, 2023 Written statement
Resistance or harm reduction? Schwartz Reisman Institute Oct 25, 2023 Abstract Video
Generative AI — Past, Present, and Future Princeton Adult School Oct 24, 2023
Is misinformation a technology problem? Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies Oct 12, 2023
The reproducibility crisis in machine-learning-based science Princeton Precision Health Fall Symposium Sep 29, 2023
Evaluating LLMs is a minefield Princeton Language and Intelligence Launch Event Sep 26, 2023 Annotated slides
An overview of generative AI risks United Nations Risk Management Forum Jun 28, 2023
Preparing for the generative AI deluge OECD expert group meeting Jun 15, 2023
Keynote "Bias bias", and other biases European Workshop on Algorithmic Fairness Jun 7, 2023
The long road to generative AI The Omidyar Group Generative AI Gathering June 3, 2023
Resistance or harm reduction? Real ML workshop May 31, 2023 Abstract Video
Preparing for the deluge of generative AI Information Integrity Funders Meeting, Aspen Institute May 25, 2023
Generative AI: The Good, The Bad and the Precarious Edges Princeton Reunions 2023 May 26, 2023
The long road to generative AI MacArthur Foundation May 8, 2023
Confused by All the Chatter? Journalists, Researchers & Policymakers Talk Chatbots and Other Large Language Models CITP Special Event May 4, 2023 Video
Book Talk: AI Snake Oil Knight First Amendment Institute Research Seminar Apr 12, 2023
Teaching and Learning Now: ChatGPT (Panel) McGraw center for teaching and learning, Princeton Feb 09, 2023 Details
Named lecture (comment) Comment on "Communicative Justice and the Distribution of Attention" Tanner Lecture: AI and Human Values with Seth Lazar, Stanford University Jan 25, 2023 Abstract and video
Ten things I've learned about data privacy Privacy Seminar, Carnegie Mellon University Nov 17, 2022 Abstract
Automated Decision-Making Systems (Panel) Federal Trade Commission PrivacyCon Nov 1, 2022 Video
Named lecture The Limits Of The Quantitative Approach To Discrimination James Baldwin lecture, Princeton University Oct 11, 2022 Transcript and video
Podcast Seeing through AI hype Reimagining the Internet podcast Oct 5, 2022 Audio
Keynote Beyond ad filtering: ideas for user empowerment through the browser Ad filtering dev summit Oct 6, 2022
Workshop host The Reproducibility Crisis in ML‑based Science Princeton University workshop Jul 28, 2022 Video
Technology risks that could lead to a crypto collapse Financial Stability Oversight Council Digital Assets Outreach Meeting Jul 27, 2022
Remarks on cryptocurrency energy consumption and e-waste House Financial Services Committee briefing Jun 24, 2022
Understanding and comparing digital assets: a technology perspective First Republic Bank lifelong learning workshop, Princeton University Jun 6, 2022
The gap between research and practice in authentication University of Cambridge security seminar May 3, 2022 Abstract
Distinguished lecture The Security Mindset and the World Beyond Security Max Planck Institute for Software Systems Mar 10, 2022 Abstract
Keynote How to recognize AI snake oil Apple Machine Learning Summit: Fairness and Robustness track Feb 10, 2022
The landscape of harms in AI research Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Human Research Protections July 21, 2021 Video
Keynote The ethics of datasets: moving forward requires stepping back ACM Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and Society (AIES) May 19, 2021 Abstract and video
Is There a Filter Bubble on Social Media? A Call for Epistemic Humility Workshop on Social Biases in Machine Learning and in Human Nature, Princeton University Apr 22, 2021 Video
Named lecture How to recognize AI snake oil Ronald E. Hatcher Science On Saturday Lecture Series, Princeton Jan 16, 2021 Video
How to recognize AI snake oil Center for Biomedical Informatics Research, Stanford Oct 29, 2020 Abstract
Keynote panel The Cryptographer's Panel RSA Conference, San Francisco Feb 25, 2020 Video
Named lecture How to recognize AI snake oil Arthur Miller lecture on science and ethics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Nov 18, 2019 Annotated slides
Responsible machine learning in the age of surveillance capitalism Workshop on Social and Ethical Challenges in Machine Learning, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton Nov 6, 2019
Dark patterns: Subverting consumer choice and consent Tech Foundations for Congressional Staff, Georgetown Law, Washington DC Aug 13, 2018
New developments in genetic privacy
Plenary Lessons from privacy measurement IETF 105, Montreal Jul 24, 2019 Video
Keynote Data as a mirror of society: lessons from the emerging science of fairness in machine learning 2019 Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, Minneapolis Jun 3, 2019 Abstract
The Role of technical standards for Human Rights (Panel) Designing an Ethical Web workshop, San Francisco May 17, 2019
Identification of anonymous DNA via genealogical triangulation RAIN seminar, Stanford May 15, 2019
FinTech and Money in the Digital Age (Panel) American Financial Association 2019 Annual Meeting, Atlanta Jan 5, 2019 Video
Survey of Algorithmic Game Theory Research Questions for Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains (with Matt Weinberg) Becker Friedman Institute conference on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains, Chicago Nov 10, 2018
The societal effects of technical systems: Case studies of privacy and fairness University of Maryland iSchool, College Park MD Oct 31, 2018 Abstract
Understanding Bitcoin / blockchain (panel) National Academies Committee on Science, Technology, and Law meeting Oct 10, 2018
Data as a mirror of society: Lessons from the emerging science of fairness in machine learning Quantitative Social Science Colloquium, Princeton Sep 14, 2018 Abstract
Congressional testimony Testimony on Energy Efficiency of Blockchain and Similar Technologies U.S. Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources: Full Committee Hearing Aug 21, 2018 Written testimony
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Algorithmic accountability: the science of fairness in machine learning Tech Foundations for Congressional Staff, Georgetown Law, Washington DC Aug 15, 2018
The technology of privacy
AI, bias, and fairness AI4ALL, Princeton Jul 31, 2018
Making sense of cryptocurrencies and blockchains Gartner Digital Leadership Academy 2018 Jul 25, 2018
The magic of modern cryptography Program in Algorithmic and Combinatorial Thinking, Princeton Jul 23, 2018
Cryptocurrencies and incentives: from practice to theory Tutorial on Incentives and Cryptocurrencies, Economics & Computation conference, Ithaca NY Jun 19, 2018
Blockchains: past, present, and future PODS/SIGMOD tutorial, Houston TX Jun 12, 2018 Abstract
Protecting users from intrusive tracking Mozilla May 23, 2018 Video
Data as a mirror of society: Lessons from the emerging science of bias in machine learning Princeton Neuroscience Institute Apr 12, 2018 Abstract
BlockSci: A high-performance tool for blockchain analytics  MIT Media Lab/DCI workshop Mar 19, 2018
BlockSci: A high-performance tool for blockchain analytics  MIT Bitcoin Expo Mar 17, 2018 Video
Algorithmic bias: the hard problems Columbia University Mar 2, 2018 Abstract and video
Tutorial: 21 definitions of fairness and their politics Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency, NYC Feb 23, 2018 Abstract and video
The societal effects of technical systems: Case studies of privacy and fairness MIT, Cambridge, MA Feb 14, 2018 Abstract Video
Hiding in plain sight: Making sense of transactions on the blockchain Bendheim Center for Finance, Princeton Feb 8, 2018 Video
AI's implicit bias MacArthur Foundation, Chicago Jan 31, 2018
The web tracking arms race: past, present, and future USENIX Enigma 2018 Jan 16, 2018 Abstract and video
New games, new markets: The science of cryptocurrencies and incentives University of Washington Jan 4, 2018 Abstract and video
How to make progress on AI fairness CITP on the Road, National Press Club, Washington, D.C. Dec 8, 2017
Data as a Mirror of Society: Lessons from the Emerging Science of Bias in Machine Learning University Center for Human Values, Princeton Dec 5, 2017
How anonymous are cryptocurrencies, really? University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Nov 28, 2017 Abstract
Ten things I've learnt about data privacy BITAG meeting Oct 25, 2017
How to make progress on AI fairness CITP AI Policy initiative launch event Oct 19, 2017 Video
Cryptocurrencies and mechanism design NYC Algorithmic Game Theory meetup Sep 22, 2017
How to think about de-anonymization risk TTI/Vanguard conference, Washington D.C. Sep 12, 2017
Uncovering commercial surveillance on the web Cornell University Sep 5, 2017 Video
Online Tracking: A 1-million-site Measurement & Analysis Cornell University Sep 5, 2017
Machine bias: surprises from recent research Federal Trade Commission Aug 21, 2017
The future of ad blocking: framework and techniques Center for Democracy & Technology Jul 13, 2017
Bias traps in AI (Panel) AI Now Symposium, Cambridge MA Jul 10, 2017 Video
Language contains human biases and so will machines trained on language corpora Security & Human Behavior workshop, Cambridge UK May 26, 2017
The future of ad blocking Future of Privacy Forum  May 16, 2017
Cybersecurity ExxonMobile longer-range research meeting May 8, 2017
Lessons for blockchains from the 150-year history of decentralization Columbia University Mar 24, 2017
Online Tracking: A 1-million-site Measurement & Analysis Harvard University Feb 10, 2017
On the Instability of Bitcoin Without the Block Reward BPASE conference, Stanford Jan 26, 2017 Video
Online Tracking: A 1-million-site Measurement & Analysis Georgia Tech Jan 20, 2017 Video
The future of ad blocking: analytical framework and new techniques Northeastern University Nov 29, 2016 Abstract
Language necessarily contains human biases, and so will machines trained on language corpora Harvard Society for Mind, Brain, and Behavior Fall 2016 symposium Nov 28, 2016
Language necessarily contains human biases, and so will machines trained on language corpora Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in Machine Learning 2016 Nov 18, 2016
Language necessarily contains human biases, and so will machines trained on language corpora University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory Security Seminar (remote talk) Oct 11, 2016 Abstract
Language necessarily contains human biases, and so will machines trained on language corpora Google Tech Talk Sep 30, 2016
Blockchains: technology, applications, limitations International Bar Association Conference Sep 20, 2016
Language necessarily contains human biases, and so will machines trained on language corpora Microsoft Research NYC Sep 13, 2016
Bitcoin and the blockchain: What are they? Will they reshape the world? Philosophical Society of Washington Sep 9, 2016 Video
Cryptocurrencies: the ideas behind the hype National Science Foundation Jul 21, 2016 Video
The future of smart contracts: the view from academia Princeton Ethereum Meetup Jul 13, 2016
Keynote Blockchains, the web, and standards: the big opportunity Blockchains and the Web: a W3C workshop Jun 29, 2016
ISPs and web privacy: insights from research Ex-parte comments to the FCC Jun 17, 2016
OpenWPM: A tool for external oversight of web tracking International Workshop on Privacy Engineering May 26, 2016
Lessons for Bitcoin from the 150-year history of decentralization MIT Bitcoin Expo Mar 05, 2016
Why the Web Privacy Problem is a Transparency Problem Innovation and the value of privacy, Columbia Feb 05, 2016 Video
Securing Bitcoin wallets via threshold signatures Stanford security seminar Dec 4, 2015
Better security and privacy hinges on better design CS547 guest lecture, Stanford Dec 4, 2015
Bitcoin, game theory, and mechanism design: A research agenda Economics and Computation program, Simons, Berkeley Dec 3, 2015
A new genetic re-identification method and implications for privacy Big Privacy: Policy meets data science, U. Wisc. Oct 15, 2015
Web tracking and online privacy Topics in digital media guest lecture, NYU Oct 8, 2015
Lessons from the history of cryptography FRS 117 guest lecture, Princeton Oct 1, 2015
Machine learning and privacy: attacks and defenses Microsoft faculty summit, Redmond WA Jul 9, 2015
A critique of US cybersecurity policy Kern Medina Seminar, Princeton Jun 12, 2015
Bitcoin and human behavior Security and Human Behavior, Washington, D.C. Jun 8, 2015
Algorithmic society: How did we get here? How should we react? CITP luncheon series Apr 21, 2015 Abstract Video
Bitcoin and Entrepreneurship (Panel) Princeton Entrepreneurship Club Apr 3, 2015
Why Bitcoin matters (to computer scientists) University of Maryland Mar 27, 2015 Abstract and Video
The quest to reverse-engineer our algorithmic world Old Guard of Princeton Mar 25, 2015
Threshold cryptography for mission-critical security Google security summit Mar 17, 2015
Why you need threshold signatures to protect your wallet MIT Bitcoin Expo Mar 8, 2015 Video
Future of privacy (Panel) National Science Foundation SaTC PI meeting Jan 6, 2015
Reverse engineering online tracking for privacy, transparency, accountability MIT big data lecture series Dec 8, 2014
Bitcoin doesn't work in theory. Who cares? Hashers United, Las Vegas Oct 10, 2014
Tutorial on web privacy and transparency Princeton Web Privacy and Transparency Conference Oct 24, 2014 Video
Ending the Online Panopticon: The Princeton Web Transparency and Accountability Project CITP luncheon series Sep 30, 2014 Abstract Video
Better in Practice than in Theory: Lessons from the Rise of Bitcoin HotSec 2014 Aug 19, 2014 Abstract
Is there a filter bubble on news websites? Microsoft Research NYC Apr 1, 2014
Altcoins: designing novel cryptocurrencies (Panel) Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Research Conference Mar 27, 2014 Video
Is Bitcoin Anonymous? Real World Cryptography Workshop Jan 13, 2014 Video
Introduction to Cryptography and Differential Privacy "Accelerate Genomic Research with Privacy Protections" workshop, Banbury Center Dec 12, 2013
Privacy Technologies Guest Lecture, WWS 351 Dec 5, 2013
Online Tracking: An Arms Race? Princeton ACM meeting Nov 21, 2013
Ethical training of software engineers: Why and how  CITP Luncheon series Nov 7, 2013 Abstract Video
The Business of Tracking  Chicago Ideas Week Oct 16, 2013 Video
Mixcoin: Bitcoin Anonymity via accountable mixes DC Area Anonymity/Privacy/Security Seminar Oct 11, 2013
Beyond the code: What makes privacy technologies succeed or fail? CRISSP, NYU Poly Aug 8, 2013
Privacy Technologies: An Annotated Syllabus HotPETS 2013, Bloomington IN Jul 12, 2013
Academic publishing as (ruinous) competition: Is there a way out? PETS 2013, Bloomington IN Jul 11, 2013 Transcript
Bitcoin: Security, Anonymity, Economics IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights May 15, 2013
What happened to the crypto dream?
Digital feudalism is upon us. How do we respond? CITP luncheon series May 09, 2013 Abstract Video
Dumpster diving on the web (or) Web measurement for fairness and transparency Drexel University May 07, 2013
Beyond "Personally Identifiable Information" (Panel) Big Privacy, CITP, Princeton Apr 26, 2013
Privacy by Design: An Engineering Ethics Perspective (Panel) Santa Clara University School of Law Jan 23, 2013 Video
Digital feudalism is upon us. How do we respond? Electronic Frontier Foundation, San Francisco Jan 23, 2013
Center for Internet and Society, Stanford Law School Jan 22, 2013
How Have Companies Reacted to Deanonymization Research? DIMACS workshop on differential privacy, Rutgers Oct 26, 2012
What Happened to the Crypto Dream? CITP luncheon series Jul 16, 2012 Abstract Video
Technology is Not Enough: New Directions in Designing for Privacy Facebook Aug 12, 2012
Twitter Aug 7, 2012
SRI International Aug 5, 2012
Google Jul 9, 2012
Centralized Collection and Control of Personal Data: Due for Disruption or Unstoppable Trend? Mozilla Jul 17, 2012 Video
What Happened to the Crypto Dream? Electronic Frontier Foundation Jul 16, 2012
Applications of Data Science (Panel) Singularity University Graduate Studies Program Jul 3, 2012
Job talk Data Privacy Technologies: From Alchemy to an Engineering Discipline UI Urbana-Champaign Apr 23, 2012
UC Santa Barbara Apr 11, 2012
Microsoft Research, Redmond Apr 4, 2012
Carnegie Mellon University Mar 30, 2012
Microsoft Research, Silicon Valley Mar 26, 2012
USC Mar 22, 2012
Princeton Mar 7, 2012
University of Maryland Feb 27, 2012
Yale Feb 23, 2012
Is Writing Style Sufficient to Deanonymize Material Posted Online? 2012 Security Workshop, Stanford Computer Forum Apr 2, 2012
A Whirlwind Tour of Inference Algorithms for Breaching Confidentiality Center for the Study of Global Financial Stability, Penn State University Mar 15, 2012
On the Feasibility of Internet-scale Author Identification PARC, Palo Alto Feb 9, 2012
Privacy and Anonymity in a World of Interconnected Data TASC, Mountain View Dec 13 2011
Why Online Tracking is Worse Than You Thought, and Why We Need Do Not Track Governance of Social Media Workshop, Washington D.C. Nov 11 2011
Location Privacy via Private Proximity Testing Syschat, UMD College Park Nov 9 2011
Online Tracking: A Diagnosis and Some Prescriptions ECE 18-739, CMU Silicon Valley Oct 27 2011
Adnostic and Friends: The Past, Present and Future of Privacy Intermediaries Technicolor Research, Palo Alto Aug 24 2011
Can We Do Meaningful Deidentification of Medical Data? (Panel) HealthSec 2011, San Francisco Aug 9 2011
Link Prediction by De-anonymization: How We Won the Kaggle Social Network Challenge IJCNN, San Jose Aug 5 2011
The Do Not Track Cookbook Stanford Law School CIS Affiliates Meeting Aug 1 2011
Physically Unclonable Functions: PUFs of smoke? Stanford Security Seminar Jul 29 2011
Online Tracking and Defenses: Technology, Economics, Policy WiTAP: Workshop on Internet Tracking, Advertising, and Privacy, Stanford Jul 22 2011
The Failure of Data Anonymization and What to Do About It Nokia / NSN privacy network (remote talk) Jun 6 2011
Rethinking Privacy: A Multidisciplinary Perspective Yahoo Security Week Apr 28 2011
Tracking on the Internet and Do Not Track Stanford Computer Forum: 2011 Security Workshop Apr 11, 2011
Paying with Data: How Free Services Aren't Free (Panel) South By Southwest, Austin TX Mar 13, 2011
Rethinking Privacy: A Multidisciplinary Perspective CS247, Stanford Mar 1, 2011
Do Not Track Demystified (Panel) Future of Privacy Forum, National Press Club, Washington D.C. Dec 2, 2010
A Thousand Points of Data (Panel) Big Data: Public Policy and the Exploding Digital Corpus, Princeton University Nov 30, 2010
Location Services with Built-in Privacy Stanford Nov 10, 2010
The Failure of Data Anonymization SAP Labs Sep 9, 2010
Location services with built-in privacy Security lunch, Stanford Jul 15, 2010
Anonymization: Myths, Challenges and Techniques (Panel) International Association of Privacy Practitioners: Practical Privacy Series Jun 15, 2010
Social Networks and Persistent Identity: Security Threats and Opportunities Symantec Research Labs Jun 10 2010
Location-based Services with Built-in Privacy Stanford Computer Forum: 2010 Security Workshop Apr 30 2010
The Failure of Anonymization: Crisis and Opportunity Yahoo Security Week Apr 26 2010
What Computer Scientists Know About Anonymization and Aren't Telling You Privacy and Free Speech Online seminar, Stanford Law School Apr 8 2010
User Privacy on the Web Stanford CS241 Apr 1 2010
Privacy Leaks in the Cloud and Potential Solutions (Panel) RSA Conference Mar 3 2010
Adnostic: Privacy-preserving Targeted Advertising NDSS 2010 Mar 1 2010
Privacy: The Big Picture (Part 1) A series of 3 talks in CS 294: Advanced Topics in Computer Security (UC Berkeley) Feb 27 2010
Inferential Attacks on Data Privacy (Part 2)
Differential Privacy: Achievements and Challenges (Part 3)
Privacy and Technology (Panel) Second FTC Privacy Roundtable, Berkeley Jan 28 2010
What Does it Mean to Own Our Genome? Large-scale Re-identification of DNA and Implications for Privacy 23andme Jan 20 2010
Stanford Security Seminar Jan 12 2010
UTCS Colloquium, UT Austin Nov 5 2009
Security lunch, UC Berkeley Oct 27 2009
De-anonymizing Social Networks RAIN Seminar (Stanford) Sep 30 2009
Privacy by Design in Social Networks: Pitfalls and Challenges SocialNetSec (Stanford) Sep 11 2009
De-anonymizing Individuals in a Database CS3636 (Naval Postgraduate School) Jul 27 2009
The End of Anonymized Data: The Case of Social Networks IEEE S&P '09 May 19, 2009
Privacy and Anonymity in a World of Interconnected Data Ph.D Thesis Defense, UT Austin May 1, 2009
Privacy and Anonymity in a World of Interconnected Data Google Oct 2008
UC Berkeley Oct 22, 2008
PARC Oct 21, 2008
Microsoft Research Oct 20, 2008
Stanford Security Seminar Oct 14, 2008
Robust De-Anonymization of Large Sparse Datasets IEEE S&P '08 May 19, 2008
Privacy and Anonymity in Social Networks DIMACS Workshop on Internet Privacy May 25, 2007
Domain Extension for Random Oracles: Beyond the Birthday Paradox Bound ECRYPT Hash Workshop 2007 May 25, 2007
Horizontal Malware Analysis SRI International (Summer Internship wrap-up talk) Aug 22 2007
Obfuscated Databases and Group Privacy ACM CCS 05 Nov 8, 2005
Fast Dictionary Attacks on Human-Memorable Passwords Using Time-Space Tradeoff ACM CCS 05 Nov 10, 2005