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Some of these are articles about my work, and some have quotes from me. The line is blurry, so I haven't attempted to distinguish them.

Web privacy Spy Pixels in Emails Have Become Endemic
BBC News, Feb 17, 2021
Dark Patterns Lawmakers Take Aim at Insidious Digital ‘Dark Patterns’
Wired, Jan 29, 2021
Dark Patterns Pandemic Online Shopping Boom Has Generated Bumper Crop of Vulnerable Personal Data, E-commerce Experts Warn
Spark (CBC Radio), Jan 22, 2021
AI ethics The Ethical Questions That Haunt Facial-recognition Research
Nature News, Jan 13, 2021
Dark Patterns Georgia’s Billion-Dollar Bonfire
The Atlantic, Jan 06, 2021
AI bias When AI Sees a Man, It Thinks 'Official.' a Woman? 'Smile'
Wired, Dec 19, 2020
Misinformation YouTube Broadcasts Videos Showing Fake Election Results 
The Telegraph, Nov 04, 2020
AI bias YouTube Cut Down Misinformation. Then It Boosted Fox News
New York Times, Nov 03, 2020
Dark Patterns All the President’s Spam
ABC News, Oct 21, 2020
Privacy Worried Alexa Is Spying on You? Edward Snowden’s Head Can Help
Wired UK, Oct 18, 2020
Dark patterns How Campaigns Use Manipulative Tricks to Convince You to Open Their Emails
Fast Company, Oct 09, 2020
Dark Patterns Trump’s Campaign Lures Donors With Absurd Financial Promises — and Insults
Washington Post, Oct 09, 2020
AI bias The Quiet Growth of Race-Detection Software Sparks Concerns Over Bias
Wall Street Journal, Aug 14, 2020
Dark Patterns The Subtle Tricks Shopping Sites Use to Make You Spend More
Wired, Aug 06, 2020
Security How Zoom Colonized Our Lives
The New Republic, May 05, 2020
Web privacy Quibi, JetBlue and Others Gave Away Email Addresses, Report Says
New York Times, Apr 29, 2020
Security Worried About Zoom's Privacy Problems? A Guide to Your Video-conferencing Options
The Guardian, Apr 08, 2020
Security PayPal and Venmo Are Letting SIM Swappers Hijack Accounts
Vice Motherboard, Apr 06, 2020
Security ‘Zoom Is Malware’: Why Experts Worry About the Video Conferencing Platform
The Guardian, Apr 02, 2020
AI ethics Can YouTube Quiet Its Conspiracy Theorists?
New York Times, Mar 02, 2020
Student Projects Use Computing to Ensure Technology Serves Society
Princeton University, Feb 26, 2020
AI ethics Job Hunters Face a New Hurdle: Impressing AI
CBS News, Feb 20, 2020
Dark Patterns Sale Ending Soon? How Online Stores Trick You Into Buying
Associated Press, Jan 22, 2020
AI ethics There's a New Obstacle to Landing a Job After College: Getting Approved by AI
CNN, Jan 15, 2020
Dark patterns How ‘dark Patterns’ Influence Travel Bookings
BBC, Dec 12, 2019
Web privacy Privacy and Power: Your Digital Fingerprint
NBC Nightly News, Dec 11, 2019
Dark patterns Troubling Online Shopping Habits? Vendors’ Practices Might Be to Blame
Princeton Alumni Weekly, Nov 30, 2019
Dark patterns Tricks Online Retailers Use to Get You to Spend More
Wall Street Journal, Nov 22, 2019
AI ethics Microsoft's AI Research Draws Controversy Over Possible Disinformation Use
IEEE Spectrum, Nov 04, 2019
IoT privacy They Know What You Watched Last Night
New York Times, Oct 25, 2019
IoT privacy Smart TVs Are Data-collecting Machines, New Study Shows
The Verge, Oct 11, 2019
IoT privacy Your Smart TV Is Watching You
Science Friday (podcast), Oct 04, 2019
Web privacy Google Blocks Privacy Push at the Group That Sets Web Standards
Bloomberg, Sep 24, 2019
Infosec How to Keep Your Mobile Banking Safe
Wall Street Journal, Sep 23, 2019
Iot privacy Facebook and Google Have Ad Trackers on Your Streaming TV, Studies Find
Ars Technica, Sep 19, 2019
IoT privacy Smart TVs Sending Private Data to Netflix and Facebook
Financial Times, Sep 18, 2019
IoT privacy On Roku and Amazon Fire TV, Channels Are Watching You
Wired, Sep 18, 2019
Web privacy I Visited 47 Sites. Hundreds of Trackers Followed Me
New York Times Opinion, Aug 23, 2019
AI ethics 3 Easy Ways to Evaluate AI Claims
IEEE Spectrum, Aug 23, 2019
Dark patterns How Dark Patterns Online Manipulate Shoppers
The Atlantic, Aug 02, 2019
Dark Patterns This Chrome Extension Calls Out Sponsored YouTube Videos
Wired, Jul 12, 2019
Dark Patterns Dark Patterns: The Art of Online Deception
The Guardian Science Weekly podcast, Jul 12, 2019
Engineering Faculty Receive Presidential Early-career Awards
Princeton University, Jul 03, 2019
Dark Patterns How E-Commerce Sites Manipulate You Into Buying Things You May Not Want
New York Times, Jun 24, 2019
Roberts Sisters Study How to Make the Internet Fairer and Safer
Princeton University, Mar 21, 2019
Blockchain Researchers Link Realism to Blockchain's Promise
Princeton University, Dec 26, 2018
Dark Patterns Study Scrutinizes Hidden Marketing Relationships on Social Media
Princeton School of Engineering and Applied Science, Dec 13, 2018
Blockchain After a Stressful Election, Experts Warn Blockchain Is Not the Answer
NBC News, Nov 09, 2018
AI bias Why Netflix Features Black Actors in Promos to Black Users
Wired, Oct 24, 2018
Web privacy 'Do Not Track,' the Privacy Tool Used by Millions of People, Doesn't Do Anything
Gizmodo, Oct 15, 2018
Privacy Google Plus Will Be Shut Down After User Information Was Exposed
New York Times, Oct 08, 2018
Blockchain US Senators Raise Crypto Mining Concerns, Propose Government Blockchains
Coindesk, Aug 21, 2018
Anonymity Even Anonymous Coders Leave Fingerprints
Wired, Aug 10, 2018
AI bias Finding a Fair Way to Tame the Bigoted Bots
Financial Times, Jul 25, 2018
Anonymity 'Data Is a Fingerprint': Why You Aren't as Anonymous as You Think Online
The Guardian, Jul 13, 2018
Privacy Apple, Google and Silicon Valley Love to Say They're Ethical. But What Do They Really Mean?
ABC (Australia), Jun 24, 2018
AI bias Bias Detectives: The Researchers Striving to Make Algorithms Fair
Nature News, Jun 20, 2018
AI bias Making Smart Machines Fair
Princeton Alumni Weekly, Jun 06, 2018
Ad blocking Where Will the Ad Versus Ad Blocker Arms Race End?
Scientific American, May 31, 2018
AI ethics, Privacy Clues to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s From How You Use Your Computer
Wall Street Journal, May 29, 2018
Bitcoin How WIRED Lost $100,000 in Bitcoin
Wired, May 28, 2018
Privacy Who Has More of Your Personal Data Than Facebook? Try Google
Wall Street Journal, Apr 22, 2018
Web privacy The Security Risks of Login With Facebook
Wired, Apr 19, 2018
Blockchain Startups Want to Use the Blockchain to Take Our Data Out of Uber's Hands
Motherboard, Apr 05, 2018
Dark Patterns Millions of YouTube Product Reviews May Flout Advertising Rules
New Scientist, Mar 29, 2018
Dark Patterns PewDiePie and Other Vloggers Fail to Disclose Adverts
The Times (London), Mar 28, 2018
Dark Patterns YouTube and Pinterest Influencers Almost Never Disclose Marketing Relationships
Wired, Mar 27, 2018
Blockchain ‘Blockchain’ Is Meaningless
The Verge, Mar 07, 2018
Web privacy Replay Sessions From Mixpanel and Others Have Recorded Passwords
Wired, Feb 26, 2018
Bitcoin How the US Government Handles Its Massive Stash of Bitcoins
Investopedia, Feb 25, 2018
Blockchain Banks Claim They're Building Blockchains. They're Not
Investopedia, Feb 23, 2018
Web privacy WWW: Tracking-Methoden Werden Brutaler, Browser-Hersteller Schauen Weg
Heise Online (German), Feb 19, 2018
Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrencies Come to Campus
New York Times, Feb 08, 2018
Privacy Exercise App Shows Why Anonymous Data Can Still Be Dangerous
CBC Radio, Feb 02, 2018
Web privacy Get a Password Manager. No More Excuses
Wired, Jan 03, 2018
AI bias In 2017, Society Started Taking AI Bias Seriously
Engadget, Dec 21, 2017
Web privacy How Email Open Tracking Quietly Took Over the Web
Wired, Dec 11, 2017
AI bias Battling AI Biases
Communications of the ACM, Nov 28, 2017
Web privacy More Than 480 Web Firms Record 'Every Keystroke'
BBC News, Nov 21, 2017
Web privacy The Dark Side of 'Replay Sessions' That Record Your Every Move Online
Wired, Nov 16, 2017
Web privacy How Facebook’s Oracular Algorithm Determines the Fates of Start-Ups
New York Times, Nov 02, 2017
Patrolling the Intersection of Computers and People
Princeton Computer Science, Oct 02, 2017
Bitcoin, Anonymity, Web privacy Bitcoin Transactions Aren’t as Anonymous as Everyone Hoped
MIT Technology Review, Aug 23, 2017
Anonymity A Proposed Anti-Doxxing Law in the U.K. Could Make Personal Data Less Secure
Slate, Aug 15, 2017
Privacy How an Online Wedding Registry in My Name Appeared Out of Thin Air
MarketWatch, Jul 29, 2017
Web privacy Have These Researchers Created an Unbeatable Ad-Blocking Technology?
Fast Company, Jun 08, 2017
AI bias What Would Make a Computer Biased? Learning a Language Spoken by Humans
Los Angeles Times, Apr 14, 2017
AI bias Even Artificial Intelligence Can Acquire Biases Against Race and Gender
Science Magazine, Apr 13, 2017
AI bias AI Programs Exhibit Racial and Gender Biases, Research Reveals
The Guardian, Apr 13, 2017
AI bias AI Learns Gender and Racial Biases From Language
IEEE Spectrum, Apr 13, 2017
AI bias Computers, Artificial Intelligence Show Bias and Prejudice, Too
NBC News, Apr 13, 2017
AI bias Artificial Intelligence Copies Human Stereotypes in Language, Study Reveals
Wired UK, Apr 13, 2017
Anonymity, Web privacy Legalized Sale of Browser Histories Should Worry Journalists
Columbia Journalism Review, Apr 12, 2017
Anonymity, Web privacy Your Private Browsing History Alone Can Give Away Your Identity
The Atlantic, Feb 07, 2017
Anonymity, Web privacy Your 'Anonymized' Web Browsing History May Not Be Anonymous
ACM TechNews, Jan 19, 2017
AI bias How to Fix Silicon Valley’s Sexist Algorithms
MIT Technology Review, Nov 23, 2016
Web privacy Firefox Disables Loophole That Allows Sites to Track Users via Battery Status
The Guardian, Nov 01, 2016
Anonymity, Web privacy You Are Less Anonymous on the Web Than You Think--Much Less
ACM TechNews, Oct 31, 2016
AI bias Bath Researcher Shows Machines Can Be Prejudiced Too
ACM TechNews, Oct 24, 2016
Web privacy Breaking the Black Box: When Machines Learn by Experimenting on Us
ProPublica, Oct 12, 2016
Web privacy Online Trackers Follow Our Digital Shadow by 'Fingerprinting' Browsers, Devices
All Things Considered (NPR), Sep 26, 2016
Bitcoin Miller: On Bitcoin and a Public Backlash ′to Reclaim Our Privacy and Security′
Deutsche Welle, Sep 05, 2016
Web privacy Internet Tracking Has Moved Beyond Cookies
FiveThirtyEight, Sep 02, 2016
AI bias Artificial Intelligence Will Be as Biased and Prejudiced as Its Human Creators
Pacific Standard, Sep 01, 2016
Web privacy You’re Being Tracked (And Tracked and Tracked)
IEEE Spectrum, Aug 23, 2016
Web privacy Facebook Can’t Win Against Ad Blockers, and Here’s the Proof
MIT Tech Review, Aug 15, 2016
Privacy Apple’s New Privacy Technology May Pressure Competitors to Better Protect Our Data
MIT Tech Review, Aug 03, 2016
Web privacy Sites Spying on You in Weird New Ways, Princeton Study Exposes
NBC News, Aug 03, 2016
Web privacy Your Battery Status Is Being Used to Track You Online
The Guardian, Aug 02, 2016
Bitcoin At W3C Event, Industry Seeks to Weave Blockchains Into New Web
Coindesk, Jul 05, 2016
Privacy Apple Wants to Know Users Better Without Knowing Them
NPR Marketplace, Jun 21, 2016
Privacy Apple’s Tries to Peek at User Habits Without Violating Privacy
Wall Street Journal, Jun 16, 2016
Web privacy Customized or Creepy? Websites and Your Data, a Guide
Fast Company, Jun 16, 2016
Web privacy Study of 1 Million Sites Shows Just How Closely We're Watched
New Scientist, Jun 01, 2016
Web privacy Audio Fingerprinting Being Used to Track Web Users, Study Finds
Techcrunch, May 20, 2016
Web privacy Largest Study of Online Tracking Proves Google Really Is Watching Us All
MIT Technology Review, May 18, 2016
Privacy Your Call and Text Records Are Far More Revealing Than You Think
Science Magazine, May 16, 2016
Anonymity CSI: Cyber-Attack Scene Investigation — a Malware Whodunit
Scientific American, Jan 28, 2016
Bitcoin The Future of Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Beyond
Nature News, Sep 30, 2015
Bitcoin Constructive Debate Shines as Scaling Bitcoin Unites Developers
Coindesk, Sep 13, 2015
Bitcoin Princeton University and Coursera Launch Free Online Course on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin Magazine, Aug 27, 2015
Web privacy How Much Do Online Advertisers Really Know About You? We Asked an Expert
Digital Trends, Jun 27, 2015
Bitcoin Heated Debate Over Software Change Shows Bitcoin’s Governance Challenge
WSJ 'MoneyBeat' blog, May 20, 2015
Bitcoin Leaderless Bitcoin Struggles to Make Its Most Crucial Decision
MIT Technology Review, May 19, 2015
Bitcoin Threshold Signatures: The New Standard for Wallet Security?
Bitcoin Magazine, Mar 09, 2015
Bitcoin Data Security Is Becoming the Sparkle in Bitcoin
New York Times, Mar 01, 2015
Anonymity Sticky Data: Why Even 'Anonymized' Information Can Still Identify You
The Globe and Mail, Aug 06, 2014
Web privacy Stealthy Web Tracking Tools Pose Increasing Privacy Risks to Users
PC World (via IDG News), Jul 22, 2014
Web privacy Web Tracking Advances Beat Privacy Defenses
InformationWeek, Jul 22, 2014
Web privacy The Hidden Threat in Your Browser: Share Buttons Reveal Personal Information Each Time You Visit Certain Popular Sites
Daily Mail, Jul 22, 2014
Web privacy Browser 'Fingerprints' Help Track Users
BBC News, Jul 22, 2014
Web privacy Queen's Website Hosts Controversial Tracking Technique
SC Magazine UK, Jul 22, 2014
Web privacy The New Technology Which Advertisers Use to Track Your Every Movement Online: Canvas Fingerprinting
The Telegraph, Jul 22, 2014
Bitcoin Princeton Researcher Receives $500k National Science Foundation Cryptocurrency Grant
Let's Talk Bitcoin blog, Jul 22, 2014
Web privacy Online ‘fingerprinting’ Could Pose Privacy Risks
The Globe and Mail, Jul 22, 2014
Web privacy White House Website Includes Unique Non-Cookie Tracker, Conflicts With Privacy Policy
EFF Deeplinks blog, Jul 22, 2014
Web privacy Canvas Fingerprinting Macht Internetnutzung Nachverfolgbar
Spiegel online, Jul 22, 2014
Web privacy Meet the Online Tracking Device That Is Virtually Impossible to Block
ProPublica, Jul 21, 2014
Web privacy New Tracking Tool Is Like a Cookie That Can't Be Blocked
NBC News, Jul 21, 2014
Anonymity Academics Get Personal Over Big Data
iTnews, Jul 11, 2014
Anonymity Big Data Should Not Be a Faith-based Initiative
BoingBoing, Jul 09, 2014
DoNotTrack 'Do Not Track'? Oh What the Heck, Go Ahead
PC World (via IDG News), May 21, 2014
Bitcoin Can Bitcoin Help Predict the Future?
Coindesk, May 14, 2014
Web privacy Browser Cookies: How They Could Be Undermining Your Privacy
CBC News, Apr 08, 2014
Web privacy Connecting the Dots Between Cookies and Identities
Threatpost, Apr 07, 2014
Web privacy How Advertising Cookies Let Observers Follow You Across the Web
The Verge, Apr 04, 2014
Anonymity Scientists Explore Safeguards for Genomic Data Privacy
Medical Xpress, Mar 01, 2014
Anonymity When Big Data Marketing Becomes Stalking
Scientific American, Jan 28, 2014
Those Prying Eyes
Princeton Alumni Weekly, Jan 08, 2014
Bitcoin Princeton Researchers Developing Bitcoin-Based Prediction Market
Coindesk, Jan 06, 2014
Bitcoin U. Researchers Develop Bitcoin Prediction Market
The Daily Princetonian, Jan 05, 2014
Web privacy This Landmark Study Could Reveal How the Web Discriminates Against You
Forbes, Dec 02, 2013
DoNotTrack Intrusos Invisibles: Cómo Proteger Su Privacidad en El Internet
Univision Chicago, Nov 05, 2013
Anonymity Privacy, Please: New Technologies Could Hide Your Identity Online
NBC news, Jun 14, 2013
Anonymity Data Protection in the EU: The Certainty of Uncertainty
The Guardian Technology blog, Jun 05, 2013
Anonymity Has Big Data Made Anonymity Impossible?
MIT Tech Review, May 07, 2013
SocialNetworks Mysterious Suitors: OkCupid's Latest Venture Might Be a Ruse
SF Weekly, Mar 20, 2013
DoNotTrack, Privacy Can I Get Some Privacy?
Stanford Magazine, Mar 11, 2013
Arvind Narayanan Isn't Anonymous, and Neither Are You
WIRED, Jun 18, 2012
Anonymity The End of Anonymous Commenting
On the Media (NPR), Mar 02, 2012
Anonymity How Anonymous Are Your Online Posts?
InformationWeek, Feb 22, 2012
Privacy Who Do You Trust More With Your Data: Facebook or a Bank?
Businessweek, Jan 12, 2012
Heritage, Anonymity The Privacy Challenge in Online Prize Contests
NYTimes Bits blog, May 21, 2011
Privacy Lightly Regulated Apps Have Little Obligation to Protect Location
San Jose Mercury News, May 04, 2011
Heritage, Anonymity Heritage Health Prize: Is $3 Million Enough to Improve the U.S. Health Care System?
Slate, Apr 04, 2011
DoNotTrack Do Not Track Me Online, Please
CBC News, Mar 22, 2011
DoNotTrack Don’t Follow Me
The Stanford Daily, Jan 18, 2011
DoNotTrack What if There Was a Do-Not-Track List for Online Browsing?
NYT Gadgetwise blog, Dec 02, 2010
DoNotTrack Stanford Students Create 'Do Not Track' Software
Stanford Report, Dec 02, 2010
DoNotTrack Techies, Not Lawmakers, Can Curb Online Tracking
CNN Opinion, Dec 02, 2010
Privacy Your Income, Home Ownership & Parenthood Status Now Available as an API
ReadWriteWeb, Nov 24, 2010
Anonymity The Information That Is Needed to Identify You: 33 Bits
WSJ Digits blog, Aug 04, 2010
Anonymity History of Social Network Use Makes You Easier to Identify Online
New Scientist, May 19, 2010
Anonymity How Privacy Vanishes Online, a Bit at a Time
New York Times, Mar 17, 2010
Anonymity Netflix Cancels Contest Plans and Settles Suit
NYT bits blog, Mar 12, 2010
Anonymity FTC’s Privacy Worries Prompt Netflix to Cancel Contest
WSJ Digits blog, Mar 12, 2010
adnostic, DoNotTrack Privads: Better BT Alternative?
Daily Online Examiner, Oct 28, 2009
Anonymity "Anonymized" Data Really Isn't—and Here's Why Not
Ars Technica, Sep 08, 2009
Anonymity Pulling Back the Curtain on "Anonymous" Twitterers
Ars Technica, Mar 31, 2009
Anonymity Social Sites Dent Privacy Efforts
BBC News, Mar 27, 2009
Anonymity Faceless Twitter Users Exposed by Other Social Networks
Information Week, Mar 27, 2009
Anonymity Researchers Can ID Anonymous Twitterers
IT World (via IDG news), Mar 26, 2009
Anonymity Privacy to the Test - Exploring the Limits of Online Anonymity and Accountability [2008 PET Award Press Release]
Microsoft EMEA Press Center, Jul 23, 2008
Anonymity Why 'Anonymous' Data Sometimes Isn't
WIRED Commentary, Dec 13, 2007
Anonymity Researchers Reverse Netflix Anonymization
SecurityFocus, Dec 04, 2007
Anonymity Rise of the Netflix Hackers
WIRED, Mar 15, 2007
Anonymity Has Netflix Given Away the Answers in Its Software Competition?
New Scientist, Nov 01, 2006